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Group Dinner near Times Square (Chinese?)

I am going to be visiting Manhattan in November from the West Coast, and I am bringing about 15-20 of my officemates with me. We are all staying at the Marriot Marquis near Times Square, and I'd like to take them out to a dinner, preferably Chinese.

Requirements are that the food is good, the place is clean, that it won't break the bank (over $25 per person will start to reach my limit), that they can accomodate this large a group, that they take reservations, that it is a safe and relatively easy walk from Times Square (no more than 20 minutes), and that they either serve alcohol or allow us to bring our own wine.

Preference is for Chinese, but I am willing to hear any and all suggestions. Those of you in Manhattan who are in the know...please chime in!


Sep 09, 2009
drfresser in Manhattan