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Cinnamon-Walnut Bundt Cake

I am a great cook, but no baker. I made this for Christmas, the first thing I ever baked in my life, and EVEN my mother-in-law liked it, so this recipe gets a hearty two thumbs up and the taste even survived me converting everything to metric!

A very good first bake to try, with a recipe forgiving enough to be converted into weight measurements! Tasted absolutely wonderful!

My only note is that you can easliy DOUBLE the amount of glaze you make for this, as I did, as everyone wanted the extra glaze that had dripped down onto the plate!

Dec 29, 2009
amy teply in Recipes

Russian (Orange Spice) Tea

I would like to know this myself, too. I was looking around for recipes because I used to buy a russian spice tea from a local vendor who isn't around anymore. I would open the bag of loose-leaf tea and it smelled unbelieviably spicy and tasted wonderful. I don't know what the flowers are that are used, but definitely crushed cloves and crushed cinnamon chunks are involved, as well as dried orange peel, possibly orange oil, and maybe mace, nutmeg, vanilla bean, and/or allspice depending on your taste. Mix these spices with a good, full-bodied black tea (some say ceylon is too weak but I like it) and some milk and sugar. Experiment a little with the spices and you should have something close to what you used to drink! If you can find orange blossoms or bergamot oil, try that too.

Sep 09, 2009
amy teply in Home Cooking