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What's the deal with Pasta Carbonara in Houston?

I must say that Patrenella's which I love, has the worst Carbonara I have had, the egg was scrambled all through the dish. Valentino's at Hotel Derek is pretty widely known to make the best in town. They use the correct meat, Guanciale(cured pork jowl), instead of pancetta, and they use egg. They make it as a small portion or as an entree portion, it's excellent and I haven't ever had scrambled pieces of egg in mine, it's always cooked just right. But I still love Patrenella's

Patrenella's Cafe
813 Jackson Hill St, Houston, TX 77007

Oct 20, 2010
MrTuffy in Houston

Artisanal Hot dogs in Houston

What I would like to know is the NE style of bun and if anyone has it in Houston. That lobster roll/hot dog bun that's like a squat loaf of white bread that's cut real thick and then butterflied for use. I had many a lobster roll in Boston and some hotdogs outside Fenway that were all in this style of bread, but I've never seen it down here, anyone know where to get it?

Oct 11, 2010
MrTuffy in Houston

French Boulangerie / Charcuterie / Boucherie in Houston

Most places Vietnamese or not in Houston that have great sandwiches on french style rolls use a roll from a little bakery in River Oaks neighborhood called Royal Bakery. They make primarily one type of bread and make a ton of it every day packaged in brown kraft bags that get shipped out to delis and restaurants all over town. I think it's only available to restaurants, I'm not sure, but if you have a great poboy/banh mi/sub around town, it's likely Royal Bakery's bread.

Oct 11, 2010
MrTuffy in Houston