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Delica - Yonge and St Clair

I went today and had a spicy bird sandwich which was a tasty combo of ingredients, not too spicy, I liked the blue cheese aioli. I might have preferred less bread but the roll had been sliced horizontally into three. I also had a baby banana bread with chocolate chips (liked it a lot and will go back for it and pretend it's not a muffin in mini loaf form). The place seems quite stylish/jhigh-end ish for St. Clair & Yonge, more in the Terroni vein (the former premises of the Ace Bakery shop) than the Boccone one.

Eye Weekly on Ramen in Toronto

iNoodle is gone. Konnichewa has good authentic ramen noodles (and excellent, delicate gyoza) but the ramen shoyu broth has become too strong/garlicky/spicy flavoured in the last six months or so, I can't tolerate it anymore. I checked out the newish Dundas & Bay location of Kenzo (where the owners listed on the framed certificates hanging on the wall had Korean names, by the way) and it was HORRIBLE - blah, spaghetti-ish noodles and brackish broth - it made Konnichewa look damn good in comparison.

I too yearn for Kintaro ramen in Vancouver and I only had it once, 5 years ago!

The Senator - Bob Berman from Boba has taken it over...

Ate there on the long weekend and the new Bob Berman burger (made with a blend of Cumbrae beef) was being served though it was not listed that way on the unchanged menu. I liked it, though Allen's burger is still better. Nice special sauce that came with the burger at Senator too.