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Authentic Genovese Food in Toronto?

Does anyone know if there is a restaurant in Toronto that serves Genovese food? My husband and I just came back from Genova and fell in love with the local dishes (e.g, trenette with pesto, beans, and potatoes; minestrone soup that was more stew than broth; burrida, etc.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Move over 'Yang's' - Here comes the 'Emperor'!

Thanks, T Long!

Move over 'Yang's' - Here comes the 'Emperor'!

Is there somewhere you would recommend for dim sum or dinner, T Long? Seeing as Emperor is off my list, I'd love to find another option!

Move over 'Yang's' - Here comes the 'Emperor'!

It was busy, but not packed. And it didn't seem like there was a special event going on since there were quite a few empty tables. We were in the room off to the side, but there were plenty of waiters coming in and out of our area. They just didn't pay any attention to us.

The thing that frustrated me the most is that we were ready to leave and come back another time, but it was their staff person who insisted we stay saying that he could accommodate us.

Move over 'Yang's' - Here comes the 'Emperor'!

I went to Emperor's last night and had a terrible experience. I can't comment on the food because I didn't get that far:

Best Peking Duck in or around Toronto?

After seeing Charles' recommendation of Emperor's Monday night special, I was excited to try their Peking duck. Little did I know that I would be made to wait an hour without getting to eat.

When we walked in, we were told that the special was sold out and that reservations were usually required. We decided to come back another time, but the host asked us to stay so he could try to fit us in.

After waiting a couple of minutes, he found us a table, took our order and walked away. Twenty minutes had passed when a waiter came by and asked to take our order. We explained that the host had already written it down, so he left. Another twenty go by. I’m starting to get worried since many other tables had been served.

I ask a waitress to check on our duck, which she yells to another waiter to do. Finally, it’s been a full hour so I ask the waiter if he’s checked yet. He says that he hasn’t, but will. At this point, we’re starving so we decided to leave; however, I wanted to let the host know what had happened.

After I finish going over the entire story (i.e. “You asked us to stay. You took our order. We waited an hour and never got any food.”) He says exasperatingly, “Okay, okay, okay. Thank you for coming.” and leaves us standing at the entrance.

Needless to say, I will NEVER go back to this establishment again. I am Chinese and have been to many Chinese restaurants in the GTA. I’m used to rude, chaotic service, but this was beyond anything I have ever experienced. It doesn’t matter how good the food is if you’re treated this poorly.