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SoBe recs for breakfast & dinner

Last minute, 1st time trip to SoBe in 10 days for a weekend away with dear husband. Staying at Savoy, no car. Prefer to stay in/near vicinity or walking distance but cabbing is fine. For short trips our dress is usually casual (husband wears shorts & button down, me sundresses). Early eaters - 6:30/7 PM. Plan to have lunch at beach! We are not picky eaters though one of us is allergic to seafood. Want to also try Cuban. At this late date, don't know if we can secure reservations for dinner anywhere. Thanks & Cheers!

Need lunch recommendations

Thanks for the great recommendations!

Oct 16, 2010
auntcindy in New Orleans

Need lunch recommendations

My parents will be in NO next week on group tour (bus)
They have about 2 hours during the day for lunch.
They will be dropped off at corner of Front Street & Bienville Street which looks like it is near the waterfront.
Need recommendations of local flavor restaurants in the very near vicinity as they have only two hours to eat & get back for bus pickup.

Front Street Cafe
2582 Front St, Slidell, LA 70458

Oct 15, 2010
auntcindy in New Orleans

wine suggestions for wedding menu

I am in Middle Tennessee. Nashville is the closest big city to us. Most of our guests are 40ish.
My guests are wine drinkers & foodies but not connoisseurs as such.They expect good food & wine because that's what they get when they come to my house for a special meal. Price wise I think a red will be easier to find reasonably but I probably will have to put a little extra $ into the white as I think it is harder to pair. So far, I have looked at Alsace whites. For red, I have been looking at Malbec, Primitivo & St Emilion grand cru even though I'm not sure bordeaux is the way to go. Love Bogle Phantom but will not be available for my wedding date. Thanks for all the suggestions so far.

Sep 10, 2009
auntcindy in Wine

wine suggestions for wedding menu

I was thinking $20 price range even though that could vary according to your location or mine. I am feeding about 150 people .

Sep 09, 2009
auntcindy in Wine

wine suggestions for wedding menu

I am looking for both a red & white option for my wedding. Menu consists of spice rubbed pork tenderloin w/ a roasted apples, bacon & cider glaze and garlic studded roasted lamb w/ a dried cherry demi glace. Sides are saffron risotto w/wild mushrooms & aged parmesan,asparagus w/grilled lemon & extra virgin olive oil & roasted vegetables (fennel,peppers,sweet onions, zucchini)tossed in sage brown butter. Bon appetit & thanks!

Sep 08, 2009
auntcindy in Wine