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MNF + Food + Location

I am a new resident looking for a few things for tonight:

1.) Good place to watch MNF football game (I am a Vikings Fan, so no Packer bars!)

2.) Location - I am in Anthem meeting a friend who is staying near Ahwatukee - so trying to find something roughly halfway between and easy for us both to get to.

3.) Decent Food - beyond typical sportsbar food - but for this occasion, third priority.

Thank you!

Nov 14, 2011
Spicermax in Phoenix

Thanksgiving in Minneapolis - Open with regular menu?

Looking for a fine dining restaurant downtown area that is open on Thanksgiving for dinner to celebrate a birthday. I do not want 'traditional' thanksgiving food - just good food. Suggestions?

Nashville - Dinner at the Bar

I will try the mood for that kind of flavor. Thanks for the tips.

Nashville - Dinner at the Bar

I will be in Nahsville on business tonight, and will be dining on my own. I have looked into Rumba, Lime, Flytes, and Zola - all look like great food. Looking for an opinion on which one has the best dining experience for eating alone at the bar. Thanks.

Who is open for dinner on sunday night?

Thanks. I have made reservations at Spiaggia.

Feb 18, 2009
Spicermax in Chicago Area

Who is open for dinner on sunday night?

I am planning to take some client out in March on a Sunday night - but from what I remember, many restaurants in the downtown area are closed on Sunday night. Looking for fine dining, reliable service, good wine list - and most importantly, open for dinner sunday night. Looking for something unique to Chicago - Trotters, Tru, Frontera, and even Keefers is closed on Sundays. Prefer not to do the upscale chain steakhouses. Recommendations appreciated. Thanks.

Feb 06, 2009
Spicermax in Chicago Area

Venue for a private cooking / dining event? (MSP)

Thanks for the input - I was at an event at Create in May and it worked very well, and we may use this place - just wanted to explore other options. I have not been to Lets Cook, but the other people I will cook with think it is too small for 40 people. Way Cool Cooking School in Eden Prairie is another option that I have used before for an event - just a little bit too far away from where I want to be.

Venue for a private cooking / dining event? (MSP)

Sorry, Minneapolis area is the location I am looking for.

Venue for a private cooking / dining event? (MSP)

I am looking for a facility to rent for an amatur chefs club dinner on August 18 (Thursday), Minneapolis area. Four to six people cooking in the kitchen, with 40 guests in the dining room. The rest of the details can be discussed later - but looking for ideas or locations that would be interested in renting their space for one night...restuarants opening soon, restaurant recently closed, non-traditional venues with suitable kitchens, etc. Thanks for any input.

Good Food + Hockey Game?

Looking for a place to get good food and be able to watch the game tonight (Dallas v. Detroit). Does anybody have any recommendations on a place to do this downtown where to best do this - beyond typical sports bar food or pizza? Thanks.

May 19, 2008
Spicermax in Chicago Area

Dinner for a 'Mixed' Crowd

We ended up going to TWO -and it worked fine. Food was good, service was inconsistent - but overall a good choice and everyone left happy. Thanks for the tip.
I am looking forward to tonight - taking a larger group to quince at the kitchen table - anyone had this experience and care to comment?

Dinner for a 'Mixed' Crowd

Thanks, I found it. Not a lot of positive feedback from this site on TWO- but the menu looks good for my purpose and I will give it a try.

Dinner for a 'Mixed' Crowd

I tried Zuni earlier after what I had read on this site - nothing available until after 9 - may try to walk up and get a table earlier - 6 people on a Tuesday night, chances?
Help me out with TWO - initials for a place??

Dinner for a 'Mixed' Crowd

I am with a group from out of town attending a conferenc looking to take out some clients tonight for dinner - I am looking for something between exotic and mainstream - A few of us would prefer the more uniqueu adventurous dining such as Ame', Quince, etc. but may be too 'wierd' for some. I would hate to get stuck going to a Mortons or other chain or mediocre restaurant due to a lack of a good plan. Where can we get a unique san fran meal with contemporary presentations and seasonal ingredients, yet still satisy the meat and potatoes crowd? Thanks.

A week in Portugual

My wife and I just booked a holiday in Portugual in late September. We love food,. wine and adventure - so looking for ideas on how to best experience the country in a week gastranomically and culturally. Not looking exclusively for fine dining - but want to experience good food. Flying in and out of Lisbon, and tentatively plan to spend some time in Porto and ???. Thanks for the input.

Aug 23, 2007
Spicermax in Spain/Portugal

Looking for Rabbit in Minneapolis

Thanks, I will try the local suggestions first - and if I still need the Chicago contact I will respond again.
I think it will be a coq au vin type preparation. I will practice with a smaller audiance first to test it.

Looking for Rabbit in Minneapolis

I am looking to purchase rabbit in/near MSP for a dinner I am cooking for 40 - 45 people. Can anyone tell me any sources of local farms or purveyors where I could purchase. I prefer to buy only the hind quarters.