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What am I missing?

judging by the places you have been to i would suggest:

matsuhisa on la cienega

chinois on main st. santa monica

Feb 04, 2015
garyis in Los Angeles Area

Clam Chowder Bread Bowl?

try tony p's dockside grill in marina del rey. it is thick style clam chowder.

Dec 15, 2010
garyis in Los Angeles Area

Good lunch places in Santa Monica?

there is also huckleberry on wilshire
santa monica seafood also on the same block
r&d on montana (same owners as houstons)
blue plate oysterette on ocean ave.
pinxtos on santa monica
sawtelle kitchen

Sep 27, 2009
garyis in Los Angeles Area

Top 10 Fave French Fries in L.A.

hal's in venice. they are thicker than most listed here and are consistently good. something i can't say about skoobys, wurstkuche, golden state and i have never had good fries at comme ca. although not exactly fries i do like the fries and onions and fries combo at the grill and the palm.

Sep 16, 2009
garyis in Los Angeles Area

Best Middle Eastern in West LA?

sham on santa monica near lincoln syrian/lebanese

gaby's on venice near motor or washington west of lincoln

Sep 11, 2009
garyis in Los Angeles Area

Best Pizza (NY Style) in LA

what irks me here is more about LA versus NY. NY has better pizza. but LA does have decent to very good pizza. the fact is you may have to travel to get it. imagine if this report was about getting good tacos in NY. and the person looking does not want to travel outside chelsea. if you crave good pizza you have to travel in LA. and no, it will not be as good as NY.

now as a native Los Angeleno i contend that Mozza is as good as most of the comparable pizza's of the same style that are in NY. and my favorite is currently Franny's
which is in Brooklyn. and if you live in Manhattan the travel time is like going to Pasadena from Hollywood. BTW- the best pizza in the US is usually considered to be in Phoenix or New Haven.

if you want to discuss what NYers feel is the best pizza, than Deninos is Staten Island, Lombardi's is on the LES, Patsy's is in Brooklyn, Nick"s is in Queens and now on the UES, Arturos in the village, Totonos UES, Sac in Queens, Da Fara's Brooklyn in etc.
i can go on and on. i have been searching out pizza places in NY for years. i would bet i have tried at least 250 places. it is not like they are all within a 15 minute drive of each other.

LA will never have pizza as good as NY, just as NY will never have Italian food (as good as it is) as good as Italy. the average local slice of pizza in NY is usually always pretty damn good. just as is/was the case with the average mom and pop hamburger stand of LA, and the average waffles of Brussels and the average felafel in Tel Aviv. and to me, that is the way it should be.

Sep 07, 2009
garyis in Los Angeles Area