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ISO a Bistro French or Italian in San Diego or Coranodo - great food, casual and not to pricey

Am going to have my birthday in San Diego with my husband and friends....a great view would be nice........would prefer charming and cozy over pricey and noise................I was looking in La Jolla but I think we would rather be closer to San Diego.........

Any bay views or ocean views would be nice too!

Nov 15, 2009
bykksu in San Diego

ISO La Jolla ocean view or near or in SD ( RIGHT ON THE WATER ) for BDAY on 11/27/09

I would love a great Italian or French menu for my husband, our dear friends (there will be four of us)......not necessarily fine dining, more on the side of cozy, casual, very little noise and great service ...all of this the day AFTER Thanksgving. An experience to remember.........

Sep 06, 2009
bykksu in San Diego

Restaurant or Venue for Private Dinner Party in Sacramento

Try Rio City Cafe (not sure about private rooms) , Scott's Seafood (might be too pricey) on the River at the La Rivage Hotel and I wouldn't recommend the Delta King but you might look into it.........I know this sounds funny but you might try the Virgin Sturgeon on the river and see if they will rent the place out for you........the food is great and it is funky!

Sep 06, 2009
bykksu in California