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restaurants in Ashland Oregon

As a former resident of Ashland, I would say the best restaurant in Ashland, is at Cucina Biazzi. Summer time outside might be nice, but I love the intimate feeling of the restaurant from fall to spring. Pangea is great for a wrap or soup. Morning Glory for breakfast ( also love the juevos rancheros at the bread board on the north side of town). House of Thai is great contrary to other posts. There are some good places to eat on and around the Plaza, but for my money, the best places are slightly farther afield.

Lynnwood-Mountlake Terrace - the annual trek

Olives ( is still the best place in Edmonds if you ask me. The Loft is worth a try too. Sadly, Shell Creek has closed it's doors. Cafe Neo on 99 and 212th is great for gyros and greek. Maddox Grill on 99 at 180th or so makes great food--casual to fancy--and has delicious, reasonably priced drinks too.

Sep 05, 2009
cheeseandwine in Greater Seattle

Quinns or Lark - for tonight! help

Lark is outstanding....maybe you should try that for Sunday night.