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Marina Farms (Centinela Ave) Gone For Good???

A great market for fruits/vegetables/grains with loyal customers for many years was closed due to fire last year. As the building was being refurbished these past months, we were hoping it would open again, only to see a 'For Let' sign put up last week.

Does anyone happen to know if it will open in another location? (YELP doesn't know)

Nice Patio breakfast in Santa Monica/Westside?

Thanks much

Nice Patio breakfast in Santa Monica/Westside?

Friends coming over from the Valley on Saturday..looking for good American breakfast menu with a nice outdoor area - any suggestions?

New Year's Eve lounge ideas?

I know it's late, but a few friends are looking for a fun, but relatively quiet bar/lounge to have a few drinks tomorrow night. Almost senior crowd, so don't want super loud music or lines of people. Any place offering appetizers with a live music trio? jazz, soft rock would be great..thinking there must be a good lounge (or hotel lounge) somewhere on the Westside
(Malibu to El Segundo) that would hit the spot...just need to find it!

Frantic Flan Search


Frantic Flan Search

Hosting a South of the Border party this weekend and no time to bake desserts. Does anyone know a bakery/restaurant where I can order flans for the party? Needs to be somewhere on the Westside if possible..thanks!

Good place for a Sunday lunch in Reseda or Van Nuys?

Shopping with friends on Sunday along Sepulveda & Van Nuys Blvds. and we're looking for a nice cafe or bistro serving more America-style food, i.e. sandwiches, salads (versus ethnic restaurants)..any ideas?

What happened to Marina Farms produce store on Centinela?

Shop there often; drove by last week and it had a "closed" sign and the looks of a possible fire. Does anyone know if they are going to re-open?

Chinese Market on the Westside?

Gardena or Van Nuys might work in a pinch - thanks!

Chinese Market on the Westside?

Need to find Chinese pancakes for a moo-shu recipe - help!

Nice Bar/Lounge in Santa Monica/Westside?

4 gals looking to chat/relax on a Friday evening; we're looking for good drinks/appetizers and a fun place to go with good ambiance and crowd (but not looking to hook up...) Any Suggestions?

Breakfast in Silverlake?

Heading to Silverlake with friends tomorrow morning..looking for tips on good breakfast places, with or without patios, that might take breakfast reservations?

Osteria La Buca on Melrose

Has anyone been?

La Buca
5210 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Restaurants near Culver Plaza Theaters

Does anyone know of good, reasonably priced restaurants within walking distance of the theaters?

Best Wings?

Looking for recommendations for the best take-out Bufalo Wings on the Westside. I've heard of Wing Stop and Wing Station but not sure if they are any good, or in the area..any other suggestions?

Wing Stop
1119 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832

What's good in Malibu these days?

Have you tried Beau Rivage? Nice atmsphere and had a great brunch there recently..staff was very attentive..