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Grass-fed Hamburgers in Toronto

I know The Stockyards has offered grass-fed burgers as a daily special.

Best $10-20 burger?

I've been to the Harbord Room twice, Nota Bene, Allen's, and the Drake just once each.

The burgers at the Harbord Room and the Drake Hotel were tender and juicy. Drake comes out on top because the Harbord Room's sides, while good, were small in quantity. It's like nouveau cuisine meets burger sides... Harbord Room's seating arrangements makes reservations a must unless you like sitting at the bar or go at off-peak times.

Allen's is decent.

Nota Bene's burger was somewhat dry in comparison to Harbord Room/Drake. For the price I expected something similar/better. Plus the clientele is more dressed up/Bay St. than the others.

ISO: Beet Juice

Essence of Life in Kensington Market (56 Kensington, where it meets with St Andrews St.) has some. I assume other large health food stores would stock it as well (Tutti Frutti up the street from Essence of Life or The Big Carrot).

Best Burgers in Toronto?

Second time at the Yonge & Eglinton location and my burger looked well-done. I asked for lettuce, tomato and relish as toppings and the burger was pretty dry with little beef taste. This is the second restaurant where I go initially and get a medium/med-rare burger, but when I return I get a well-done burger. Dang.

It looked like they used red onions in the onion rings and were on the greasy side. The chocolate shake was good though.

Best Burgers in Toronto?

At the Yonge+Eglinton restaurant, they have a sign that says they cook to medium (or was it medium well?), but if you ask they'll cook the burger until it's well done.

burger bar, kensington market

I looked on the web and there's one near Young & Eligible - in the death trap for restaurants in the area - NE corner at the first light north of Eglinton.

I went and got the Burger Combo. Like Burger Bar, burger came medium, but not as juicy, more flavour though - decent set of toppings included (similar to Groucho's, more than Harvey's offerings).

As South St. is affiliated with NY Fries, the fries look/taste the same as NY Fries. I had a Mtn Dew. Next time I'll try a milkshake.

Total was just under $10. I'd go back.

That makes third decent burger option in the area:
Burger Shack, South St. burger, and Bam Burger (in order from low to high)

you can always grab something from A&W, BK, or McDs if you feel like it.

Harvey's and Lick's left the area though.

burger bar, kensington market

They use regular plates for those who dine-in - if that's what vorpal was complaining about presentation-wise.

burger bar, kensington market

I went today to use my free burger coupon. I added an egg and peameal bacon to the burger (trying to replicate one of the Red Robin burgers).

The burger was cooked well done this time. Kinda disappointing. But there seemed to be more flavour this time - though that might have come from the sauce on the underside of the burger patty or the egg and peameal bacon on top.

The beverages menu listed the pop as $3.25 but the bill showed $4.
The fries were skinny. I prefer steak fries (second would be curly fries). Otherwise the fries were good (but expensive @ $4). Not sure why places have gone to fries with the skin left on.

Other than Allen's and maybe Bamburger, I can't think of a place that has a decent thick burger (as opposed to the thin things that you get at McDs, BK, Wendys, or Harvey and their lookalikes like GoldenStar, Burger Shack) for less than $12.

That's the dividing line I see these days - approx. $12 for a good thick juicy burger. If there's a place that has it for less, lemme know. :)

It is dark in the restaurant and they could use some cushioning on the back of the bench of the right side of the restaurant. Table decor consists of old-school Italian restaurant table (red-white checkerboard tablecloth) with a sheet of newspaper on top.

It seems the restaurant avoids any mainstream commercial restaurant food.

It's like an alternative version of Bamburger.

burger bar, kensington market

When I went there with the wife, the burgers (ordered one natural and one organic burger) were cooked medium, but there wasn't much taste to them. Burgers cost $8-$13 or so. Sides (fries, onion rings, etc.) are extra.

I'm not sure I'd be willing to spend $13 on the Wagyu burger if there's no taste to the burger.

No mainstream commercial pop available - just expensive bottled stuff ($4) - Boylon (?sp)

Sweet potato fries were good, but there were a lot of skinny little bits.
Panko-encrusted onion rings were also good.
Service was good and attentive.

Only three other groups were there - maybe 20% full.

If everyone who emailed them received one of these free coupons that will expire today, then they may be pretty busy today.

At least Caplansky's is only a block away...

Burger Bar
37 Kingston St, Goderich, ON N7A3K2, CA

Caplansky's opening Saturday


I ordered a fatty Fresser. For fatty, the sandwich was on the lean side - not an exact science so I'm flexible - but the meat tasted similar enough to the old Caplansky's from the Monarch (last time I ate there was in late July).

I did notice that I was having trouble finishing the sandwich. But I blame the increased size of the Fresser at the new place (I think the old Fresser was 11oz instead of 13oz) and eating a large muffin and a coconut bun on the way home.

I want to try the burger next time.

If you've been to the old Caplansky's when it was really busy - say Saturday night - then you'll have an idea of how busy it was at lunch.

Caplansky's opening Saturday

Paid a visit today (saturday around 12:15PM). Place was packed. Opening day jitters were in effect. The new place is brighter than the old place - maybe a little bigger too (if you don't count the patio).