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West Palm Beach choices

I lived in West Palm Beach as a kid and my Dad had Massey's on Okechobbee Blvd. I remember that the Raindancer was the best place in town back then 30yrs ago. I am so shocked to hear that it is still around. I will surely check it out next time I'm in town.

Where to Eat Xmas Dinner in Columbia SC area.

Uh oh! What chains were open? I hope at the very least an Outback Steakhouse.

Where to Eat Xmas Dinner in Columbia SC area.

I will be travelling to Florida with my wife and two young children (4 and 7) stopping over in Columbia on Xmas day. Where would we be able to get a good dinner? I'd like to stay away from big chains but I have a feeling this may be all that I will find open.
Someone please help!!!

Molto Vegas

Oh Molto Mario!!! What are you doing to us. Batali was made for Vegas where a coffee and croissant can cost you $15 albeit a fantastic coffee and croissant.

Just back from Vegas where we decided to eat at two of Batali's places.. B&B and Carnevino.
First off, both are nice looking restaurants with Carnevino being one of the nicest rooms in Vegas (Not including Alex and Joel Roubuchon). Secondly Service was excellent at B&B and mediocre at Carnevino. Third the Food was exceptional at times at both with very few problems.

What bothered me about both of these fine establishments is that Batali's ego has convinced him that he can get away with $20 appetizer pastas which wouldn't be enough to feed my 3 year old. Did Mario forget that pasta is just water and flour. He can try and mask it with all the fancy names and ingredients, which are extremely light in the dishes, but it just isn't satisfying. I don't mind the $135 ribeye for two at least I know I'm getting 32oz of great meat. (by the way ribeye for 2 at Daniel Boloud is $95 and just as good if not better) but 8 pieces of Gnocchi Bolognese at $16 was ridiculous. Dinner for 4 at both places with a pre dinner drink, a bottle of wine no desert, was approx $550 - $600 and I was not comfortably full.

I hope that chefs will begin to realize that customers are tiring of the smoke and mirrors and want to eat at restaurants and not admire the art.

Sep 04, 2009
mangia0709 in Las Vegas

Vegas restaurant suggestions (MGM, Wynn, Palms)

Just back as well, ate at Boloud on Monday. My favorite restaurant in Vegas. Beautiful atmosphere on the terrace (lake of dreams show). Service was impeccable. The servers were like ghosts..they were there whenever we needed them but never noticed the small things that they did. Taste of Wynn is a great way to go to experience exceptional restaurants without breaking the bank.

Sep 04, 2009
mangia0709 in Las Vegas