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I Am Inviting Banana Cream Pie

I'd like to try this, I am just starting to go raw in my diet and I don't have my kitchen quite ready yet. There always seems to be some ingredient that I don't have. It's very frustrating as I live way up in northern Alberta and the nearest health food store is a 3 hour drive (which I'll be doing tomorrow so....I'd best make a list)

Sep 05, 2009
kaecha in Recipes

Using Agave Syrup in Making Preserves?

I know I am "replying" to a post from some time ago, but I made some raw crabapple juice this morning and I would like to make jelly with it. I had 5 cups of juice and I added 1 3/4 cups of Agave (that was all I had left!) and it is still a bit tart, but it would do if I had to leave it as is. I left it all in bowls in the fridge this morning and I was hoping it would jell on it's own by the time I got home tonight (?).

I noticed that some juices just jell on their own. I haven't added anything else but the agave. I may have to add some Stevia as that is the only other sweetener I have. Does anyone have a good jelly recipe for a raw "cook".?

Sep 04, 2009
kaecha in Home Cooking