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DNA Menus, Kitchen Table?

Tasting menu for my experience was great in short. Some friends of mine swear by the kitchen table but I am yet to try

Toque' or Better

was at Toque the other night. It is not Per Se, but it is not as expensive either (110$) for the tasting menu.
It was very good. basically of the 7 courses 2 of the courses were amazing, 3 of them were solid and the entire table was happy with them, while 2 of the courses for lack of a better way to describe them were "over our heads" ie: marange with goat cheese and a vanilla foam. (or something like that just not for me)
Still a place I would recommend for a tasting menu.
I have also been to DNA recently and it is good. I did not have the tasting menu, but in the past it has been great. tables of 6 can book the chefs table and the wine list might entice a yank as it has craploads of Canadian wine if you are into that.

APDC is full ... where to go this weekend in Montreal?

try making a reservation at joe beef. Its different than PDC but as good or better if you are looking for the montreal experience. Take note it is in a different part of town but you can try and do PDC the next night

Cooking for pancreatic cancer

when i was cooking for a person with the same condition here are a couple things we would make:
white fish lemon& veg,
egg white omelette
french toast (egg white only)
homemade soups (obviously no butter)
Most importantly make sure whatever you serve is clean and cooked through.
Keep portion sizes small and make more if your sister can still eat. the time between serving will make digestion easier and more pain free

Kahnawake restaurants

Thank you for the guidance, I will have to change my tee time to the weekend now. They are quite open minded, and I am sure they would love to eat at any of those places so long as it is authentic. Please let me know if there is anything else that comes to mind

Kahnawake restaurants

I am taking some friends from Italy to Kahnawake to go golfing, and I would really like to take them for a traditional meal on the reserve. Any suggestions? Or anything in Montreal which I should consider?

Cheap eats in London

I recall having a nice chinese meal for under ten quid probably closer to five quid at the hare and tortuse near russel square located near the grocery store. Also i remember having a not so good meal by getting some chinese food vendors to go into competition with each other in camedon market. i haggled my general tao chicken down from 3 pounds to a pound fifty. it was not worth it.

Apr 19, 2011
wcundill in U.K./Ireland

Sudanese-American Cultural Differences -- Food in America is WEIRD!

if this sort of thing interests you, try watching "Meet the natives" about a cargo tribe from the south pacific doing a reverse anthropology of sorts/reality show in Britain and then season two in the US

Apr 09, 2011
wcundill in Food Media & News

Less heavy options for Toronto visitors....

Id keep joe beef,
for a something lighter i would try mas cuisine (have not been in a while but was great when i went)
Dont forget bagels.

African ?

some friends and i went to bleu nile (Ethiopian) on st denis. good portions, generally enjoyable.

Kazu-area backup?

yuki ramen in the fauberg has been solid for me... 2nd choice after kazu.
PM is good, but not unless u are on a student budget. went with few people the other day, and it was underwhelming... but on the other hand, try the snake soup, and cool dishes they offer. i have not tried and hope to one day

Zurich, Bern, and Lucerne-restaurant recs for late April

did you find anything good in Bern.. just arrived and had a nice sandwich at adrianos, but being a student want to find some traditional stuff at a reasonable cost.

Feb 20, 2011
wcundill in Europe

Visiting Montreal - need recommendations for local bistros and brunch

Griffontown for Brunch... awesome
Mas Cuisine for the balance you are looking for... If you guys like haute cuisine I would suggest DNA. Really my favorite and you can try at least one thing you probably have not tried before.
Also consider Mckiernon (hope I spelt it properly) for brunch on a saturday... Often is great

Mas Cuisine
3779 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G, CA

Cheese, cider and snowshoeing: Where to spend 2 days outside Montreal?

First thing that popped to my head was Chateau Montebello. The food from what Ive heard is overpriced yet solid. But a short walk to bar central gets you a strangely great small (friendly) quebec feel Also ask the local farmers if they have fresh meat around the area, they will usually cut you a piece and charge you next to nothing!

Spring Trip to Montreal - Suggestions?

Try Tavern on the Square... I am sure that you will find something you will like, Also, you should try Le Chien Fumant. It is a bit of a trip, (dont know where ur staying) but it has great food and some great cocktails. And from what I can tell the DNA wine list has expanded a bit.

Le Chien Fumant
4710 Rue de Lanaudière, Montreal, QC H2J 3P7, CA

A week of Montreal dining for two hungry brothers?

DNA for something fancy, Joe Beef for laid back great food, Olive and Gourmando for Lunch (imo a must and a good reason to hang in the old port. Saturday or Sunday brunches at griffintown cafe dining. Dont forget to be a true brooklynite and get some bagels and claim they arent as good as NYC. Chien Fumant (open for brunch as well) and Schwartz are both a +1. For amazing grease make the trip to Cosmos... creations and mish-mash will cure whatever problems occurred from the night before will be cured
Also check your dates... the highlights festival brings chefs from abroad to town.

Joe Beef
2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

Best Foie Gras

Liverpool House, and Joe Beef have great parfaits of foie gras, also DNA does everything liver, and offal related amazingly. I also thought the Ptit Plateau had great foie and its a BYOB

Joe Beef
2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

Hot Wings in Montreal

The wings at Oreagans on bishop were cooked perfectly last I had them. I know that it is a weird reason to qualify a wing as "best in the city" but it is rare to get them juicy, and crispy i find

Delivery recommendations?

Boustan until 5am

Restaurants uploading menus onto iPads for diners

I came across that at Barbacco as well. i thought that it could be very useful so that a waiter does not have to return to a table because a wine is sold out and hasnt been taken off the list yet. Also thought it was kind of tacky at first though.

Jan 05, 2011
wcundill in Food Media & News

Hoping for recommendation for non-reference books


Dec 19, 2010
wcundill in Wine


good spot.
the cabbage salad can be amazing!! it was better at the old place.
i usually get the cabbage and a half order of lamb and coriande. i think its great!
I went to maison de nord and the pork sandwich had very soggy bread. ive had better

knife skills

knife skills #1 was great!!! Im a student and I it really liberated ways while cooking. I will do the second class

REALLY special restaurants in Mtl

where are your friends from? and what do they like or treat you to? I am assuming cost is not an option

Fried Chicken

Griffintown used to have a nice southern fried chicken on their menu, I went back yesterday and it was gone, but as an appetizer I had Kentucky style duck wings... served with a honey sauce it was great

Kazu izakaya: OISHIII!!!

sat at the bar with a friend and we didnt stop eating. amazing! great hot pot and pork dish. also had an heirloom tomato salad with kimchi. so good

Authentic sushi restaurant

kaizen moved across the street and has a new chef who does amazing tasting menues. i ate a maki withjapanese flounder truffle shavings and scallop. he also keeps a list of his japanese fish, and off menu items on a board behind his sushi bar

Looking for simple screw-top lid jam jars

I think I have seen mason jars like that at rona

No Space at APDC

take him to dna

"Raw Deal" report on Sushi

Ultimately this is when what you pay for sushi is what you get. skip the convenience of the subway/food court and don't be ashamed to spend a little more money. After all you are what you eat.
I have been to Jun-i and believe all their food is organic however I don't believe they are as authentic as a place such as kaizen.
My friend and I get great pleasure out of hanging out at their sushi bar (or on occasion with a group at a big table) and asking about their specials of the day. One such special which appears to be consistently on their menu now is the red snapper which is imported after being given acupuncture to keep it alive during the shipping process until literally a minute before it is in your mouth.
Anyways as for purging a particular sushi place in town i am not sure if i am more opposed to miso or sushi shop... i would suggest avoiding either as what they produce is usually pretty disappointing and obviously not fresh or traceable