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San Antonio-Help narrow choices and add a few recommendations

WOW! I'm from Birmingham! I hope you enjoy San Antonio while you're here! There is no better BBQ than Alabama in my opinion, I certainly haven't found any here in Texas yet. How I miss Jim N Nicks and Rib It Up. Try Mi Tierra downtown for Mexican. They are 24 hours and there's always a party in that place. The food is cheap and good! Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda ate there a few weeks back and Rachel Ray as well. It's a fun and filling place to eat. The best seafood here is at Sea Island or Pappadeaux hands down, that's if you rent a car. Pappadeaux is the best!! Pearl Brewery has a great Farmer's Market and shops and what not for Saturday morning activity! Sunday you could have a great Texas steak at Saltgrass which is excellent! Enjoy your trip and have a safe journey back to sweet home Alabama!

Oct 05, 2009
SaTownHoney in Texas

North San Antonio recs needed

Youz Guyz is AWESOME!! Just ate there last night and it was not ya run of the mill Cheese steak I tell you! It was well worth the trip :-)

Sep 05, 2009
SaTownHoney in Texas