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Advice for upcoming visit: Portuguese, local Ontario fare, tasting menus, etc. - research done

I haven't tried Adega but I can tell you Chiado was fantastic the last time I visited. The St. Lawrence is a really nice place to visit and especially to buy meat/produce to prepare at home but IMO the food for purchase ie lunch etc is very ordinary.
Chippy on queen street near trinity bellwoods park had great fisha nd chips last i visited

Recommendations for a great steak in St. Jerome Qc

Staying in St. Jerome QC for work (2 days) with no vehicle so I will be cabbing it around. Any suggestions for a great steak nearby? i have seen mixed reviews for Steak Etc and the Beouf Cochon next door to my hotel hasn't opened yet. Thanks

Dundas/403 area restaurants (Mississauga/Oakville)?

bamboo legend is the coffee-truck expiry date grab bag sandwich version of vietnamese /thai. one blovk north of dundas on winston churchill in the longos/shoppers DM plaza (east side) is a korean owned Dai Ichi. have eaten there probably 15 times. pork bone soup is rich, warming and very good (not Owl of Minerva good but good). sashimi, sushi, and bi bim bop all fresh and good. often, the waitress will bring you japanese grilled salted mackerel on the bone with lemon For Free! always a good experience there.
go a few blocks north to collegeway and ridgeway there is a small plaza with a place (i think) called julie original jerk. really really good. service is on island time but its delicious. fried chicken and fish fridays. so good.
ridgeway just north of dundas (across from perfect kitchen-which is quite good) is Shish Mahal. take out from there several times, although there is a buffet, dining room and bar-chicken vindaloo is terrific.

Owl of Minerva
5661 Steeles Ave E, Toronto, ON M1V5P6, CA

Mahal Restaurant
22 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8N1A3, CA

phil's bbq....

since when has Phil's sucked? i go about 3 or 4 times a year-last visit was in the summer- and it was incredible as always. i only ever get the ribs but if you are honestly comparing them to swiss chalet..... that is ridiculous. my only problem is that the parking situation isnt great and the George Bell lookalike waiter isn't always very concerned with being friendly. i dont care though, i go for bbq, not to make friends

Need chow recs - staying near the airport willing to drive

i have been to astoria, collosus, taste of danforth many many times and none can touch the souvlaki at Zet's. a 24 dive on the east side of airport road a block or so south of Northwest drive. delicious food in a very modest environment.

Downtown wings that can be delivered

i can't specifically recommend one downtown but if you find one, make sure you request either no lid on the containers or lots of holes in the lids of the containers. the trapped heat steams the wings and the become as worthless as wings from a pizza place after that. i found out the hard way.

Food stops on Hwy 35?

there used to be a place of 35 and 48 in coboconk call the gulls nest which had the best wings i ever had. i havent been through there for a long time though and i'm not sure what has changed

Dinner in Gravenhurst

there is a place called Lakers which i have been to three times and been quite disappointed with the service all 3 times. the food wasn't too bad last time i went there last summer but the service definately sucked. i drive by almost every weekend and it is always basically empty.