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Gene and Georgetti vs Erie Cafe for steak

I used to be a regular at G&G but have stopped going there- except on the occasional Saturday afternoon.
Like others have said food & service is mediocre; the wine list is atrocious.
I would suggest either having some drinks at the bar or going on a Saturday afternoon when there is less of a crowd & more of the regulars. Food can still be uneven though.

Jul 23, 2014
jehflyer in Chicago Area

Boca Raton- upscale, business dinner- any recs?

Cielo is closed on Monday, when I will be in Boca.
What do you think of Lucca and Arturo's?

Boca Raton- upscale, business dinner- any recs?

So far I have found Arturo's, The Addison and Lucca(Waldorf resort).
Looking for a good meal & service with something a little different- as opposed to the high end steak chains.
Your comments & suggestions appreciated.

Shanghai-Maison Pourcel &Jardins Massenet?

Any comments on these two restaurants.
I am really intrigued by the Jardins at the Massenet Hotel which appears to be a super deluxe hotel
that nobody has heard about!

Gerard Besson Retiring

and what kind of chef is Kei?
can he be expected to maintain the very traditional type of cooking so well executed by GB?

Nov 26, 2010
jehflyer in France

Gerard Besson Retiring

Just read somewhere that Gerard Besson is retiring in December.
Any info available on the chef who will be replacing him?

Nov 24, 2010
jehflyer in France

Le Voltaire: what a disappointment!

Had a great lunch there last Saturday.
Service was excellent and friendly.
Lunch consisted of hareng a l'huile, sandre souffle (outstanding) and entrecote.
Wine was good and reasonably priced.
Hard to understand the complaints.

Nov 17, 2010
jehflyer in France

Esperance Vezelay-A wonderful meal

Well how was it?

Oct 28, 2010
jehflyer in France

Une Bonne Choucroute?

The Alsaco used to have an excellent choucroute.
However, there may have been some ownership changes.
Perhaps one of the "locals" can provide an update

Oct 05, 2010
jehflyer in France

Burgundy Restaurants

Michelin shows Pre aux Clercs open for lunch on Sunday, closed for dinner.

Oct 01, 2010
jehflyer in France

Burgundy Restaurants

It ha been a while but take a look at:
Pre aux Clercs in Dijon
Les Gourmets in Marcennay (new owner a couple of years ago)

Many restaurants open on Sunday-this is nt Paris

Sep 29, 2010
jehflyer in France


Maison des Tanneurs
I have always enjoyed their food-nice setting, some tourists (French de l'interieur), not cutting edge but solid good Alsatian cooking.
Also, I believe that the new tramway reaches Obernai where there are a number of fine restaurants-starred and otherwise.

Sep 28, 2010
jehflyer in France

Au Petit Riche-any comments?

They appear to be open on Sunday and to serve traditional food.
Has anybody been there recently and any thoughts on how it would do for a Sunday lunch- as compared for instance with Petit Marguery or Auberge Bressane.

Jul 06, 2010
jehflyer in France

Old Paris Hand Needs Help in New Situation

You may want to consider Chiberta or Stella Maris.
I have enjoyed several lunches at Chiberta, others will have to comment on Stella Maris.

Jun 17, 2010
jehflyer in France

Esperance Vezelay-A wonderful meal

Had a great dinner about 10 days ago at Marc Meneau's restaurant.
Generous, creative and flavourful cooking matched with outstanding service.
Entree: lobe de foie gras with haricots (fava type beans) to soak up the juices
Fish: "wild" turbot with a butter/lobster roe sauce
Lamb: lamb shoulder with "epices"

Wines: Meursault Perrieres-Clos Vougeaot Blanc-Echezeaux.

Was it expensive? Yes
Was it worth it? Absolutely
It was wonderful to be in a "non corporate" type environment, visiting with a chef who is at the top of his game-after so many past problems.

Jun 17, 2010
jehflyer in France

breakfast near chatelet tube

Try Le Zimmer, right next to Le Chatelet theater-a good brasserie open for breakfast

May 31, 2010
jehflyer in France

Esperance/Vezelay-any updates

I started going around 1986-at the same time as I started going to Greuze-and was very happy until about 2004 or so. At which time, there was a definite change (i believe it was before he lost his star the first time).

May 23, 2010
jehflyer in France

Esperance/Vezelay-any updates

I will let you know, although a meal I had last year was nothing exceptional-just very expensive (and it takes a lot to shock me)

May 21, 2010
jehflyer in France

Esperance/Vezelay-any updates

It does not sound too encouraging but for old times sake I will go back there in June.
I can remember too many wonderful and generous meals there.
Small portions and astronomical prices-too bad.
On a separate note, I went to Rosang a couple of weeks ago and had a truely outstanding lunch-a la carte (asperges+quenelles+bouchee a la reine)+great wines+wonderful service.

May 20, 2010
jehflyer in France

Esperance/Vezelay-any updates

This is certainly a restaurant that has had its' ups and downs; not mentioned here in the last year or so.
Has anybody been there recently and what are the comments?

May 18, 2010
jehflyer in France

Spargel Season-when does it start?

I will be driving on a Friday from Frankfurt down to Strasbourg end of April.
So two thoughts come to mind:
when does the spargel season start this year?
are there any recommended restaurants, easily accessible from the autobahn, open for lunch that would serve outstanding spargel?

Your help appreciated.

Apr 11, 2010
jehflyer in Europe


I will be arriving into Strasbourg at about 2:00 pm on a Friday, after lunch service stops in most restaurants.
I have never found or even heard of a good brasserie which would serve the complete menu all afternoon-like those in Paris.
Any suggestions?

Apr 08, 2010
jehflyer in France

Gone but not forgotten - Golden Ox, Zum (longish)

Edelweiss, on Irving Park in the Norridge area, between Halem and Cumberland, pretty much fits the bill.
Have not been there in a while.

Apr 08, 2010
jehflyer in Chicago Area

Lievre a la royale-still being served?

Is the season over in Paris?

Jan 17, 2010
jehflyer in France

Need ideas for 2 Over the Top Choices for Paris Lunches

I love Gerard Besson and go there pretty much whenever I am in Paris-had a great lievre royale last November.
I am just looking for a "stylish" place in addition to, not instead of.

Jan 11, 2010
jehflyer in France

Need ideas for 2 Over the Top Choices for Paris Lunches

Laurent is a restaurant that does not get mentioned very often.
How is the food?
I assume that wine and service are all top notch and very expensive.
For reference, I am still looking for a lunch spot to replace long departed Faugeron with classical cuisine (similar to Besson).

Jan 11, 2010
jehflyer in France

Pepper Vodka-any new recipes?

I am slowly running down my stock of Stoly Pertsovka (bought a few cases a number of years ago) and will have to start making my own.
I never liked absolut nor some of the red hot flavored vodkas that have made their appearance from time to time.
I am seeking to duplicate Stoly Partsovka.

There was a post by Tom Hilton recommending using a mixture of peppercorns and some comments about also adding chile peppers.
Was this recipe ever finalized or improved upon.
Your help appreciated.

Dec 09, 2009
jehflyer in Spirits

gerard besson paris

I will second your comment.
Had a fabulous lievre a la royale there last month-in fact they graciously served me a second helping as I was still a little hungry!

Dec 07, 2009
jehflyer in France

New Year's Eve in Lyon

Well the thought was there; confused the names bistrot de L with Brasserie Leon de L.

Dec 01, 2009
jehflyer in France

Weirdest alcohol you've ever had/cocktail you've ever made?

Years ago I tried a "skippizini" cocktail: 1/3 gin, 1/3 vodka, 1/3 pernod.

Dec 01, 2009
jehflyer in Spirits