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Restaurant for cocktail style wedding reception

Any recommendations for a restaurant in Toronto for a cocktail reception for 100 - 120 people? We are looking for somewhere that is reasonably priced (approx. $10,000 buyout) and does good apps or tapas. Ideally the location would be relatively central or in east end of the city and have outdoor space (a patio would be the icing on the cake, but it's not a deal breaker)

Most of the restaurants we enjoy couldn't handle this many people, so any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated!

Thank you!

Mar 05, 2012
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Bowery new to Colbourne Lane?

I was there last week and it was fantastic! Friendly, unpretentious service, lovely atmosphere and surprisingly great food.
We had the beet salad with bacon, octopus (which I didn't even want to try and turned out it was my favourite thing on the menu), pizza and lamb. All of it was really tasty. Oh...and the bread and homemade butter - so good! Prices are a little high for what you get, but more or less in line with other restos in that area.
Give it a'll be glad you did.

Oct 03, 2011
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Rectory Café on the Island - Any feedback?

If you go, get the bison was FANTASTIC. Also, they have bug spray if you ask for it (and you should!)

Jul 12, 2011
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Fish tacos in Toronto?

South of Temperance has good fish tacos. They serve three as an appetizer. Best I've had in Toronto.

On a side note: not sure how anyone could like the fish tacos at Chimichangas...I had to pick the fish out in order to eat them. Ultra disappointing

South of Temperance
20 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H, CA

May 17, 2011
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

ISO Harbour Sixty Smores - What do they use to create the fire?

I called H60 and they said it was a combination of ethanol and cane sugar. Maybe sterno is the best way to go...

Jun 22, 2010
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

ISO Harbour Sixty Smores - What do they use to create the fire?

Last time I was at H60 and ordered the smores I asked the waiter what they use to create the little bowl of fire - he said it was some sort of sugar substance.

Anyone know what it is exactly and where I could buy some in TO?

Thank you!

Harbour Sixty
60 Harbour Street, Toronto, ON M5J 1B7, CA

Jun 18, 2010
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Salsa's: new Mexican Restaurant in Kensington

What are the hours of operation?

Mar 19, 2010
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Within walking distance from the Art Gallery of Ontario?

I really like Sin and Redemption just north of Dundas on McCaul. The menu is varied so there is something for everyone, and the food is a great value. Make sure you get an order of the Belgian Frites to share...very tasty.

Feb 26, 2010
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best dirt-cheap breakfast in Queen West, Kensington, or West College St. area?

Pegasus at the corner of Dundas and University...It is less than $4 for a full breakfast.

Jan 27, 2010
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Tasty lunch spots near Eaton Centre...willing to walk.

Have you been to the fifth floor of sears? They have a very nice little cafeteria with good food at a reasonable price. Atmosphere is way better than the food courts in the Eatons centre. Great for days when you dont want to go outside!

Dec 15, 2009
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Toronto Pubs for group of friends

You may want to try The Three Brewers at Yonge and Dundas. There is lots of seating upstairs and for around $8 you can get 1 litre of beer in a giant stien. Food is just okay...def. go for the cheap beer!

Nov 25, 2009
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Pizza and Wings from one resto or chain?

Try the Pizza Nova Italian seasoning (dry) wings. They are really good.

Nov 06, 2009
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Pisco Sour (the National Cocktail of Peru)

I love pisco sours!

To make them like they do in Peru, the lime juice needs to be FRESH and should be squeezed from key limes.

Caution: They go down dangerously easy!

Mar 20, 2009
gillyb in Recipes

Best bang for your buck? Downtown TO

The prix fix menu at Sidecar is an excellent value for a delicious dinner. It is on Sunday to Wednesday, but make sure you reserve at least a day in advance or expect to be eating very early or very late.

Mar 17, 2009
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Is corn ready?

I'm heading up north for the weekend and planning to stop for some roadside corn. However I saw on the news this morning that a lot of crops were way behind/not very good.

Am I setting myself up for disappointment? Any favourite places to stop along the 400 to Parry Sound?

Aug 08, 2008
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

NEEDED: A Latin Ladies Night Restaurant - Ideas?

I am planning a Saturday evening, Latin-themed bachelorette dinner for about 15 girls and need some help finding a restaurant that meets the following criteria:

* They serve Latin (or Spanish) food,
* They arent too pricey ($15-$25 mains)
* They are reasonably close to Queen and John, where the post-dinner, pre-club excitement will be held

Where can we go??

Currently, Cayo Coco on Richmond and Jalepenos on King are the two frount runners. Any thoughts on either of these places would also be appreciated!

Aug 01, 2008
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Place near City Hall for a good breakfast?

During the week, Pegasus @ Dundas and University (just across the parking lot from the back of city hall) has a good, standard breakfast for under five dollars. If you dont want eggs there's also fruit, yogurt and cereal on the menu.

Jun 10, 2008
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Cheap decent eats around the Eaton Centre

If you go to the fourth floor of Sears there is an excellent cafeteria style resto. I've only had the salad/sandwich combo (parma ham and broccoli salad is my fav.), which for under $8 is a great deal.

Apr 27, 2008
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best T.O. Takeaway Sandwich?

On McCaul, right by Baldwin is Mangiacake. Great panini sandwiches and salads, good price and friendly staff. It's my fav. place to go for lunch. If you have time to stay and eat, they have a cute patio out the back.

Apr 22, 2008
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What are your best Cafeteria Recommendations?

There is a good cafeteria on the top level of Sears in the Eaton's Centre. A step up from your standard plastic tray (and table and chairs and cutlery) food court setting. The salad/sandwhich combos are great value. Try the parmaham panini - so good!

Feb 15, 2008
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Restaurant (<$25) Walking Distance Eaton Center

Mangiacake on McCaul Street, just north of Dundas, is an excellent and affordable Italian resto/cafe. Whenever I go I get one of there sandwich/salad combos (try the tomateo boccoccini salad - so good), though I'm told the pasta is quite nice too.

I'm always too full to order desert - so you'll have to figure that out for yourself.

Feb 01, 2008
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

East side eats (Broadview to Victoria Park)

Whenever I am in the east end I ALWAYS make a stop at the Sultan of Samosas @ VP and O'Connor. Get a mixed dozen and extra green will change you life.

Jan 30, 2008
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Do you know anywhere I can get mango ice cream?

President's Choice makes a wicked mango sorbet. It's like a flavour explosion

Jan 03, 2008
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Mediterrean where Manor Arms was?

I think it's actually a French restaurant. I cant rememebr the name, but my friend was there not long after it opened and wouldnt stop talking about the food for upwards of an hour teh next day. Sounds like it is worth checking out.

Dec 20, 2007
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Cheap, tasty AND they Deliver?!?

With the cold weather fast approaching I can feel myself preparing to hibernate until spring. As such, I am very interested in finding some cheap (under $10 per person) and tasty delivery options in my area (Queen and University).

I'm not a huge pizza fan, and although I do like chinese I wouldnt mind thining outside the traditional delivery box.


Oct 31, 2007
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Chinatown - Let's seperate the winners from the losers

I love the Sen Ming Garden on Dundas just east of Spadina...the food is tasty, they are open late and the staff is super friendly (no matter your state of sobriety) and always ready with more green tea and big smiles.

Aug 29, 2007
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Plenty of Popcorn Topping Ideas

Also using pickle brine (sparingly) is a great way to flavour popcorn - and a way to use up some brine when you've eaten all your pickles!

Aug 21, 2007
gillyb in Features

Casual Lunch Date - University & Dundas

If you work at Dundas and University you probably already know about Avenue Cafe...but I thought I would suggest it anyway. If you get there early enough (see before 12:30) they have a large selection of sandwich-type eats for all different taste (I love the seafood tasty) plus you get your choice of salad all for under $10.

For seating there is a choice of a smartly-decorated indoors or a nice terrace with lots of umbrellas.

A quick side note: This place works cafeteria style. Go to the counter and pick what you want, dont just sit down and wait for someone to take your'll be waiting for a long time..and that wont look so suave on a first date ( I know bc I've done it!)

Good luck!

Aug 08, 2007
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Birthday Patio

I imagine something like this gets posted every summer, but I am looking for a funtastic patio for my friend’s birthday celebration. We want somewhere we can go for dinner, but also (and maybe even more importantly) stay and drink and have fun afterward. We would also like a place where the late comers wont have to end up paying cover to get in (so not a frou frou club) and should be located somewhere in the downtown core.

Any suggestions?

Jul 09, 2007
gillyb in Ontario (inc. Toronto)