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best steak for the dollar

Try Eat Street Social...I've taken visitors there multiple times this summer and most guests ordered the grilled sirloin ($20) and loved it. Honestly....I think they have the best "fancy" burger in Mpls, with the smoked gouda, onion marmalade, and preserved tomato...the flavors are dreamy!

Anyone been to D'Amico Kitchen at Chambers yet? [MSP]

I had the pleasure of dining at D'Amico Kitchen again on Saturday night, and had a totally different experience than earlier in the week... the service was EXTREMELY slow, and the Farfalle pasta w/ white wine braised rabbit and peas was mediocre in flavors, while the Braised Short Rib, although nice overall, was a bit salty.
First of all, although we had a reservation and had requested outdoor seatiing, we were seated at the same time as another couple who did not have a reservation, and they were given first pick at a desired table outside. took about 25 minutes for us to get water...another 20 minutes for drinks...and overall, about 2.5 hours for a 2 course meal. I am a person who enjoys 2-3 hour dinners, but when properly spaced and attended to accordingly.
I am unsure whether I will dine there again. While the weather is nice, however, I think that the outdoor lounge space is the nicest downtown has to offer.

Anyone been to D'Amico Kitchen at Chambers yet? [MSP]

Ate there Monday night for a business dinner (6 people). Food was EXCELLENT and the service was great...although the restaurant was virtually empty, so anything less would have been an embarrassment.
Items consumed:
pizza of the day: excellent, unique vegetarian selection
antipasti: SPICY CALAMARI was excellent. Way too many local restaurants create calamari appetizers with this "spicy" red pepper preparation. D'amico's is definitely unique, and the texture of the calamari is incredibly palatable.
pastas: GARGANELLI CARBONARA (very cream used to make this carbonara = perfect!), STROZZAPRETI (nicely done veal meatballs...however I'm not sure why they are served in a seperate dish...detracts from the presentation), and RAVIOLI; entrees: BRAISED BEEF SHORTRIB, SUCKLING PIG, PAN ROASTED BEEF RIBEYE (all received rave compliments); desserts: RICOTTA PANNA COTTA and BAKED ALMOND

I'd definitely recommend D'amico Kitchen, and plan to go again soon.