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[Singapore] Teochew Kueh Selection from Tiong Bahru

My favourite is Yong's Teochew Kueh at East Coast Road. Buy back the steamed p'ng kway and fry at home.

[Singapore] Best Fried "Sotong Bee Hoon" in Town

Look like 2 different dishes altogether! I guess it's Chiuchow versus Hakka/Kejia versions. Thanks.

Booking top end restaurants in Singapore - help please

Did you manage to try any good restaurants in Singapore eventually? It's very quiet last weekend and this one. I can't imagine you being turned away anywhere.

Tetsuya Wakuda is in town. I saw him at London Roast Duck in Scotts Square today.

[Singapore] Best Fried "Sotong Bee Hoon" in Town

Any similarity to the sotong bee hoon from Malaysia, e.g. Seremban?

Sushi in Singapore

Definitely Tatsuya in Goodwood Park Hotel for me. I have been going back there for ages.
Shinji by Kanesaka at Raffles Hotel also very good.

Singapore and Malaysia – Part 4/5- Penang Report

I love petai, but the toilet's not going to be nice for the rest of the day.

[Singapore] Best kaya toasts in town at Killiney Kopitiam

M_gomez, I think Chin Mee Chin is overrated!! Their kaya is too sweet for me, in fact sweeter than in other shops in Singapore. And I can't stand their toasted bun, too little butter and kaya put inside. My personal choice is Good Morning Nanyang Cafe (the one in Far East Plaza)

Good Morning, Singapore - Part 1: Economy Breakfast Noodles

Yes, of course. Lots of dining options here, not just Aussie cafes or Italian ristorantes.

[Singapore] "Lor Mee" Face-off - Chinatown Complex Food Centre versus Hong Lim Food Centre

None of the above. For me, the best one is at Amoy Street Food Centre 2nd floor.

[Singapore] "Chwee Kueh" Face-off: Tiong Bahru FC vs Chinatown Complex FC

It's definitely the Bedok one for me.

Good Morning, Singapore - Part 1: Economy Breakfast Noodles

This really reads an ode to the humble breakfast beehoon mee. Next time you're back in Singapore, call me and I can show you a good place - I have a favourite one in Clementi. Very good!

Good Morning, Singapore - Part 1: Economy Breakfast Noodles

I like Holland Village fried beehoon! More red chilli sauce. Gives the noodles real flavour.

[Singapore] Modern-Chinese at Xi Yan, Shaw Centre

Hey, M-Gomez. I paid big bucks to dine at Xi Yan previously in Neil Road. Good to see them offer some of the same dishes but at cheaper prices. But something's gotta give, right? I have to try this Shaw Centre branch and see what's the same and what's different.

Singapore and Malaysia – Part 1/5- Singapore Report

Sorry, Paprikaboy, but those are the worse curry puffs I've ever seen in Singapore! I hope they don't give you the wrong impression of the curry puffs we get here. For nice ones, try A1 Curry Puffs. You are sure to find an outlet near you.

Why don't you give us a notification next time you are visiting Singapore. We can organise a meeting for Chowhounds here.

[Singapore] David Thompson's Long Chim at Marina Bay Sands

I think I would rather go to A-roy or Bangkok Jam than pay $$$ Long Chim, unless it gives me something other Thai restaurants in Singapore cannot offer.
Or else fly to Bangkok and dine at Nahm itself for the real thing.

[Singapore] Biryani Dum from Ali Nachia, Tanjung Pagar Plaza

I miss the atmosphere of the old Tanjung Pagar railway station. I hear the beautiful art-deco building is being left to rot at the moment. What a shame.

[Singapore] Mod-Asian at May May, Tras Street

I like Brasserie Gavroche very much. Very meticulous cooking. I am less than impressed with May May though. I find their cooking style neither here nor there. Most of the dishes also turned out to have contrasting flavours which do not gel together, for example the momotaro tomato which I think will taste good with just a drizzle of balsamic vinegar instead of pesto.

Their drink list is quite nice.

[Singapore] Thai dinner at Bangkok Jam, Great World City

My favourite is still Thanying at Amara Hotel. And I would also go for their buffet dessert all the time.

[Singapore] Hawker fare at Singapore Food Street, Changi Airport - Terminal 3

There was some controversy early when Singapore Food Street first opened about some of the stalls there using names of famous hawkers without their consent, creating the impression among customers that they were branches of famous hawkers. I think that sullied the reputation of Changi Airport quite a bit. Moral of the story: don't try to be what you're not. It can be painfully embarrassing when people find out.

One night in London - Dinner recommendations?


Jan 29, 2015
makanputra in U.K./Ireland

Lahore, Pakistan - Best Beef Nihari Ever at Muhammadi Nehari, Mozang Chungi

Quick question, klyeoh -- any difference in the cuisine of Lahore vs Islamabad?

Dec 18, 2014
makanputra in India & South Asia

Chennai, India - Dindigul Biriyani from Thalappakatti

I was thinking I saw one of these in Singapore but it turned out to be Thalappakattu on Syed Alwi Rd. I guess we have to mind our Thalappakattis and Thalappakattus :)

Nov 05, 2014
makanputra in India & South Asia

Singapore - wet market with hawker centre attached or adjacent?

Farrer Road market near where I stay has a good wet market and food centre attached.

Penang - "Sup Torpedo" aka Bull's Penis Soup from Sup Hameed

Eeew :(

What's better in Singapore vs Penang?

Can you bring edibles or food items into the US? If so, I think Prima Taste's range of sauce mixes are the best:-

Singapore - Nyonya food at Tanjong Katong Village Food Court

THis is the same food court that has Tau Kwa Pau.

Singapore - Chin Mee Chin Confectionery in Katong

I like the half-boiled eggs served with toast and Hainan coffee.

What's better in Singapore vs Penang?

I like the Penang buffet at Princess Terrace here in Singapore, Copthorne Kings Hotel. I can get all the Penang food I want here without going to Penang. The chefs are from Penang, I hear.

Singapore - Farm to Table Café at The Duxton

Sure looks different from what I remember of L'aigle d'Or!

Singapore - Joel Robuchon Restaurant, Sentosa

I'm not surprised the restaurant is losing money, we Singaporeans have moved away from theatrical, overpriced places in the past couple of years. Robuchon, Iggys, Les Amis or Andres have always depended more on foreign visitors or expats with corporate expense accounts, than Singaporeans who're celebrating a special occasion, etc.