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King Cake in Baltimore

Latte'Da Cafe on Aliceanna right next to Louisiana Restaurant had a king cake this morning
all of the baked goods are amazing so I would assume the King Cake to be well done

1704 Aliceanna St
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 342-7474

Best Cookies in Charleston S.C.

To say I am a fan of cookies is an understatement -- I am looking for outstanding cookies of any type in the Charleston Area. Have a GPS and will be roaming around Downtown, Goose Creek and possibly over to Folly's Beach. Any recommendations/thougts will be greatly appreciated.

Baltimore's Best Bar Food

I went to Lulu's last night and only ordered off the special list and it was great!
thanks for the recommendation

Cambridge Maryland

The DQ is amazing - you will be able to tell that as you drive in - there is always a line

for breakfast - any day but sunday there is bay country bakery

there are two different places to eat in the hyatt - the upscale restaurant and the low key just outside of the hotel
the low key one has much better food and service

Eastern shore recs

Peakys 30361 Mount Vernon Rd
Princess Anne, MD 21853

The DQ in Cambridge on 50 is amazing - i always go for butterfinger with caramel - you will notice there is always a line winter spring summer or fall

Bay Country Bakery
Write a review
608 Shoal Creek Mall
Cambridge, MD 21613
(410) 228-9111- the sour cream dounut is amazing as well as most everything else - old school and not open on weekends

for a nicer meal Market St Inn in Salisbury has enjoyable meal - one of the better of the city

Suicide Bridge Restaurant in Vienna MD

Blacksburgh, Virginia

there is cabo fish taco place in blacksburg
super good
great for outdoor seating

Henninger's in Baltimore

The Crabcakes are some of the best in the city as well as their steak

Henningers is a hidden gem and for the most part anything you get on the menu will be great in IMPO

Baltimore's Best Bar Food

Thanks Prun
Captian larrys has some amazing fries as well as kislings
Ale marys has chessey tots/ ruben dip and great beer selection
Have not been to friends yet but the nachos sound good

Has anyone been to Fletchers since they changed the menu to a more american asian menu?

waterfront also has great quesdillas and you cannot beat half price on Mondays

Warf Rat in Fells has good eats like eastern shore hush puppies and decent burgers - but their fries are nothing incredible

Off the Hook - Sullivan Island

Thank you
Might check out Fat Hen and let you know how it turns out
those look to be some great places

Oregon Grille, anything i cant miss????

The oysters are very well done

most everything on the menu is great but the oysters are a great app to share

Off the Hook - Sullivan Island

We will be there friday through sunday
there is no price range
we will actually be staying at the francis marion hotel right on king st in charleston

we have a navigation system for the car so going outside of the city is no problem
Heard about Off the Hook last time we were dining at Cordavi a gentleman eating at the bar was the manager and I just wanted to see other peoples opinions of the establishment
skys the limit
thank you for your help

Baltimore's Best Bar Food

Who do you think has the best bar food as well as the most resonable price? (consistency is crucial)

Off the Hook - Sullivan Island

Thanks for the info
I have read several of the blogs about great places to eat in Charleston and I have had of poogans porch cordavi and mccradys but finding a low key in the city - Do you have any recommendations CharlestonChow

Off the Hook - Sullivan Island

Read a July 18th review of off the hook - wanted to get feed back to see comments on low key food around Charleston area this Friday night- open to all suggestions and any cuisine

anniversary dinner in baltimore?

Wine Market in Locust Point offers a great menu - with great cheese plate and wine listing and on your way out you can always buy a bottle on the way out

Restaurants you go to for more than food

Arcos for the outdoor seating and fireplace in the winter and the Mariachi band

Ixia for the eclectic seating, glass bathroom doors, stellar service and jazz night on Fridays

Jacks Bistro Wednesday night's Top Chef on the big screen

Choose only one for 34th anniversary dinner in Charleston

McCrady's or Codavi

The "One" place in the Baltimore area

ixia and ale mary's

Yellow Dog Tavern or Three

been to both
yellow dog has the better atmosphere and the food was good - at least the apps
the desserts are supposed to change every week and are made in house - great peanut butter banana pie last week

three is loud - and does the same things as pazo mezze with the whole tapas idea - they do have sandwiches and entrees but not dying to head back
- the bonus is the outdoor seating
it is good but not great and i am a fan of in house desserts

i would do yellow dog over three
- plus the staff at yellow dog is great

Baltimore's best and especially good Chefs.

Kevin Miller of Ixia - Blind tasting menu every Wednesday
Bud and Karin Tiffany of Peter's Inn