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Just Say Thank You

Totally agree with you.....would be real mannerly of her to acknowledge it !

May 18, 2015
grangie angie in Not About Food

Freezing bread and reusing the bags

I reuse also,no worries.

May 15, 2015
grangie angie in Cookware

Jeopardy Winner

What was the question?

May 12, 2015
grangie angie in Not About Food

Bad placement of ads on chow.com

YES.....and also those gross pictures of dental replacements at bottom of page.Thank you.

S. Mpls Restaurant with Racist Sign?

Kudos to them !!

Arrrgh! Please help settle tipping argument!!!

At the very least $20 but probably $25.You had a wonderful dinner and a great waitress.

Wood paneled room/pub

Oak Room Plaza Hotel

Apr 29, 2015
grangie angie in Manhattan

Eggplant parm and.....

love the spag. squash idea.

Apr 27, 2015
grangie angie in Home Cooking

Eggplant parm and.....

How about zucchini ribbons to simulate pasta?

What is this utensil? Pics included.

I think it's a corn scraper to remove the kernels from an ear of corn.

what happens to over marinated fish?

Probably mushy,as the citrus will 'cook' the fish,like ceviche.

Ants in kitchen--Four methods have not worked! Help!

Yes,the Terro baits really do work !! we've tried every home/organic/mixture,concoction imagineable with no luck.Try the Terro.

Apr 20, 2015
grangie angie in Not About Food

Don't let your Debit/Credit Card out of your sight when dining. .

Check daily....only takes a minute or so !

recipes for extra bacon

Yes,me too...."extra" bacon ? one pound? gone in 2 days !

salmon croquettes ahead of time

Yes....it will be fine,and BTW.....Nothing wrong with canned salmon!

Are you old enough to remember Schrafft's ice cream and Restaurants??

Yes,and Schrafft's candy too.Also have fond memories of the Horn & Hardart Automat,bring all your nickels !!

Apr 04, 2015
grangie angie in Manhattan

Girls Weekend Wine Etiquette

Yes,leave the good wine at home and bring cheaper.It's only one weekend.

Mar 30, 2015
grangie angie in Wine

I started this day a mere boy.........but now I am a man!


Top loading bun for lobster roll

I'm pretty sure I've seen King's Hawaiian ""hotdog" rolls somewhere but I think you have to split them yourself?
As a transplanted Eastcoaster,I too miss those top split rolls.

Jan 30, 2015
grangie angie in Greater Seattle

Best place for a good quality steak?

Yep.....Melrose Grill it is for us also,a little gem in downtown Old Renton.Great steak,great value for the cost.

Jan 05, 2015
grangie angie in Greater Seattle

Fried Scallops

just paid $30/lb here in Seattle area.....but they were so worth this treat! Happy New Year!!

Jan 02, 2015
grangie angie in Home Cooking

Lamb sirloin steaks

Yes....when my butcher has them that's what I do.....medium-rare,in my stove top grill pan....delish!

Oct 29, 2014
grangie angie in Home Cooking

Cheap/Bent Restaurant Flatware

Ditto...drives me batty also!! Can't stand the thin,cheap flatware with crooked tines on the forks,stains on the knives and spoons that clearly had been chewed in the garbage disposal!
When you're paying good money for your meal you surely want nicer flatwear with some 'heft' to it....and clean & shiny.
Not too much to ask.....just sayin!

What Goes Well with a Chicken Pot Pie?

We actually like it with a dollop of sour cream on top.

Oct 25, 2014
grangie angie in General Topics

Use for macadamia crumbs?

The fancy-schmantzy restaurants here in Seattle use them on "Macadamia crusted Halibut" and charge an arm and a leg.
I've made at home for much less.....enjoy!

Oct 22, 2014
grangie angie in Home Cooking

Balducci's new york

Yes,I remember Balducci's when we lived in the West Village in the mid-1970's,loved shopping there also at my first real 'gourmet' grocery.......and who can ever forget Macy's Cellar at Herald Square? Could spend the day and entire paycheck there too!

Oct 22, 2014
grangie angie in Manhattan

Two guys serve McDonalds at a high-end food event and nobody can tell:

What a hoot !!! ......a sucker born every minute !!

Anthony Bourdain visits Da Bronx

Yeah,no Arthur Ave.....not even a stroll down Morris Park Ave,home to so many wonderful Salumerias!!!

Oct 07, 2014
grangie angie in Outer Boroughs

For Breville Oven Owners--Toast Times

It doesn't bother me either,I love the countdown timer so I can see how much time is left to finish other prep work.The bagel function is great.......Love my Breville.

Oct 07, 2014
grangie angie in Cookware

It followed me home

Nice!! I bought a lot of Kiwi steak knives from my local Asian market too......have been using about 5 years already and still very sharp,excellent quality and at $1.49 each.....one of my best buys!

Sep 12, 2014
grangie angie in Cookware