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La Plage Wading River

Yes,it is off the beaten path but had a very memorable meal there a number of years ago that was so outstanding.....roast duck,wild boar and some awesome seafood.....brother-in-law treated and went all out !!

Whole Foods overcharging NYers

Never take your eyes off the cash register and what it rings up !!!

big big, fat, over-stuffed fridge/freezer!?!

I have a side by side fridge/freezer and when the freezer shelves were getting so overloaded and stuff falling down behind the shelves I went to the Dollar Tree and bought white baskets(ironically just the same size as each shelf--lucky!)and organized my stuff in them.
Now I have a designated meat,vegs,fish,etc.....basket that I just pull out individual basket.So much easier & neater !!


Better than bouillon low sodium.

Jun 20, 2015
grangie angie in Home Cooking

Fish and chips that are worth a drive?

Yes,we also found our 3 visits there to be more than decent,they were delicious.

What should I serve for sides with grilled butterflied leg of lamb?

Roasted small red potatoes,Greek style,with evoo,lemon juice,oregano,fresh chopped parsley.

Fish and chips that are worth a drive?

Hubby & I discovered "C-Lovers" a few years ago getting off ferry in Horseshoe Bay and then discovered there was one on Denman St.near hotel where we were staying.
Check out their website for menu and they also had the all you can eat option.....pieces are huge !
Some of the freshest,most delicious F&C we've ever had,you can watch them cook your order.
Chef apologized that they sold so much they ran out of fresh cod and would we mind if he substituted fresh Halibut(for same price!) ??!!!
Bingo !!! score of the day!!
Now if only they would open one in Seattle....?!!

The restaurant salad

And how about getting those big,leafy salads on miniscule saucers/plates?
A big peeve of mine! Take that first forkful and half the leaves fall all over the table !! How about using salad "Bowls" instead of flat plates,huh? !!

Restaurants in Anacortes,Wa ?

Thank you-will def. look into it.

Restaurants in Anacortes,Wa ?

oooooohh......love Mediterranean food(and Middle Eastern too).
Thanks for the 'heads up' on Pita-J's !

How long do you keep sour cream, once it's been opened?

only 2 weeks ? I've had open sour cream for 2 months....still good ! The 'Nose Knows"!

Jun 06, 2015
grangie angie in General Topics

Restaurants in Anacortes,Wa ?

Yes,been here.....delicious offerings!

Restaurants in Anacortes,Wa ?

You mean those Seattle 'out-of-towners' bringing their $$bucks$$ to spend in small towns?!!!
Thanks for your recs, though,much appreciated.

Restaurants in Anacortes,Wa ?

Yes.....we've made many day trips up to La Connor,just for lunch and then on to Samish Bay Cheese farm in Bow for cheese and their own organically raised beef and pork.Came home with full ice cooler each time Have also done the "Chuckanut Drive" sampling of restaurants,favorite being the one perched high over a tree filled ravine & hairpin turn in road,can't recall the name but had a stellar,gourmet seafood lunch there.

Restaurants in Anacortes,Wa ?

Thank you LR,shrimp shack already on short list,will look at majestic menu.
We're staying at new Swinomish Casino Lodge with waterfront view and all.

Anacortes,Wa. restaurants ?

Thanks to all for more recs. and avoidances ! will def. look at all mentioned.

Jun 03, 2015
grangie angie in Greater Seattle

Restaurants in Anacortes,Wa ?

Thank you,they are on the list to check out.

Anacortes,Wa. restaurants ?

Thank you 'k' we will def. look into your recs......and I also posted on NW board.

Jun 02, 2015
grangie angie in Greater Seattle

Restaurants in Anacortes,Wa ?

Heading up from Seattle next week for a few nights in Anacortes.
Any recs. for seafood dining? or which to perhaps avoid?
Thanks in advance for any info.

Anacortes,Wa. restaurants ?

Heading up to Anacortes next Monday for a few nights.Any recommendations for seafood restaurants? I've been googling and reading reviews but prefer recs. from chowhounds.Thanks in advance for any advice,and/or what to avoid?

Jun 02, 2015
grangie angie in Greater Seattle

Stainless Steel Mandoline Recommendations?

Same here.....cheepo-plastic,still going strong 20 yrs. later!

May 28, 2015
grangie angie in Cookware

Just Say Thank You

Totally agree with you.....would be real mannerly of her to acknowledge it !

May 18, 2015
grangie angie in Not About Food

Freezing bread and reusing the bags

I reuse also,no worries.

May 15, 2015
grangie angie in Cookware

Jeopardy Winner

What was the question?

May 12, 2015
grangie angie in Not About Food

Bad placement of ads on chow.com

YES.....and also those gross pictures of dental replacements at bottom of page.Thank you.

S. Mpls Restaurant with Racist Sign?

Kudos to them !!

Arrrgh! Please help settle tipping argument!!!

At the very least $20 but probably $25.You had a wonderful dinner and a great waitress.

Wood paneled room/pub

Oak Room Plaza Hotel

Apr 29, 2015
grangie angie in Manhattan

Eggplant parm and.....

love the spag. squash idea.

Apr 27, 2015
grangie angie in Home Cooking

Eggplant parm and.....

How about zucchini ribbons to simulate pasta?