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Teens looking for Sex and the City scene.

Nuevo Latino in Sunset Park Brooklyn would be my reccomendation. Its like Stanton Social but with only mexican food and a cooler crowd. I saw Kate Moss and Cinema's John Depp (each at separate tables) the last time I was there. Definitely very Sex and the City!

Sep 10, 2007
coolbreeze in Manhattan

Sunset Park Mexican Report

Dont sleep on the the chicken with salsa verde tamales @ Rico's/La Guerra. A slight bit better than the Oaxacan ones in my opinion. Also, hit up the lady on the corner of 47th street & 5th Ave for some amazing cheap street food. The gorditas are perfect for eating while walking, Fried goodness - chicken or pork, topped with the works wrapped neatly like a falafel, perfect cheap snack ($2.50).

Sep 10, 2007
coolbreeze in Outer Boroughs

Cheap Oysters/Happy Hour - Park Slope area

Got a craving for oysters and cheap drinks in or around Park Slope. I would usually go to Fish on Bleeker for 1.50 Pabsts and cheap half shells but I dont feel like headin into Manhattan. I usually wind up spending way too much money at Blue Ribbon so Im looking for an alternative. Any advice?


Jul 09, 2007
coolbreeze in Outer Boroughs