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Update on the Awful Awful hamburger at the little Nugget in downtown Reno

I've had the Awful Awful a few times.

It is not the best burger that I've ever had, but it is excellent and a great value. When I get into Reno, for me it's a matter of convenience whether I'll go to In-N-Out or have an Awful Awful. Considering how much I like the Double-Double (I've gone 50 miles out of the way to reach an In-N-Out!), I guess that's about as high praise as any burger can earn.

Jun 27, 2012
CaptainX in Southwest

Is Filipino food embarassing?

"all the Americans will touch are lumpia, pancit and adobo" So, what's wrong with that? When I go to a Filipino restaurant, that's what I'm going there to get. Most of the other Fil foods are acquired tastes (halo-halo = milkshake with beans), and you can have a great meal without eating eveything on the menu.

For that matter, there's stuff that I don't eat at my other favorite restaurants, from Mexican (hot peppers, for instance) to the local steak place (mushrooms are just Athlete's Foot with ambition. It doesn't hurt my feelings if you eat them (here, you can have mine too), but we should ENJOY what we eat. I don't eat to "prove anything" except that I was hungry.

So, when we have dinner at Magic Wok or Salo-Salo, you can have all the diniguan and balut that you like, and I'll stick with adobo, rice and lumpia and I'll have a great time!

Jul 19, 2007
CaptainX in Greater Seattle

Alejandro's Filipino Restaurant in Glassell Park (review & photo link)

I'm not Pinoy, I just like some Fil food, which I can't get here in Utah. I'm looking for good adobo ng manok, lumpia and garlic rice when I travel, and will be spending several days in SoCal (and maybe the Bay Area) later this month. My current favorite is Salo-Salo (partly because of NO BONES!!!), so that gives you an idea how my taste runs, but I will try Magic Wok. How is the adobo at Alejandro's?

Jul 09, 2007
CaptainX in Los Angeles Area