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GTA Filipino Restaurants

We went to Pansit ng Taga Malabon for dinner last night. We got there at 6:30 and they didn't have much food left! They only have a long counter to eat at. They had a small 4 seater patio table which we pulled out and got their folding chairs so 4 of us could sit down facing each other.

We drove a long way, so we had what was left--some chicken afritada, really small bowls of binagoongan and caldereta, a plate of pancit and there were 2 turons left. She said we could have as much rice as we want (but there was no food to eat with it...) It cost us $20. The food tasted good, but you have to wonder what kind of restaurant runs out of food by 6:30 which is still height of the dinner hour. A few people came by and she had to turn them away because they had no cooked food left! And typical Filipino restaurant, they were selling SHAMPOOS along with the requisite Filipino sauces, dried mangos on the side. Nice location, but stupid setup. I prefer Cucina Manila -- they have food. How do they expect Filipino cuisine to make it big? Filipino restaurants lack atmosphere, decor and this place lacked food.