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Do Italians put chicken on pasta?

Not just American. It is done all over the world. And yes it may not be authentic but can be pretty darned delightful! Slow-braised chicken ragu on paparedelle is pretty fine!

Jan 26, 2011
jobeth_b in General Topics

Is Good Tasting Low-Sodium Cooking an Oxymoron? Discuss.

Try using lemon juice and things like balsamic vinegar - eg Greek friend squeezes lemon over steak to flavour, never salt. Slow cooked and caramelized dishes are tasty not necessarily salty. Freshly roasted and ground spices are so flavorful salt may not be missed. Celery has a natural salty flavour. Realigning your palette will come and you don't miss it as much as you think you will in day to day foods. It's olives, anchovies, bacon and the like that are hard!! But lemon juice is the bomb!!!

Jan 25, 2011
jobeth_b in Home Cooking

Things I ate/drank in college that I will never eat again

Oh....can barely even write it down but Campbells Spaghetti Sauce topped with horrifying parmesan from the supermarket shelf. Basically DOG food topped with dried spew.

And SO understand the Southern Comfort thing. I later worked in bars and would have to hold the Southern Comfort bottle as far away as possible and turn my head to pour. I can still smell it...

Jan 14, 2010
jobeth_b in General Topics

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

Aye, that's mince and tatties. It is (or was up to the 70's) the staple of the Scottish diet. Sometimes Granny would put oatmeal in it too or serve it with some skirlie.

In Australia they do the mince with a dash of curry powder and sultanas and call it 'savoury mince' - you really have to be in the mood.

Oct 04, 2009
jobeth_b in Home Cooking