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Best Paella Bars in Westcheter or Fairfield County?

thank you for the info...

Are they only good for paella or are there other dishes good as well?

I never been to ether one of them. how are the ambiance at those restaurants?

whats the grilled meat platter? sounds interesting?

Best Paella Bars in Westcheter or Fairfield County?

Anyone know of any great places in westchester or fairfield county for Paella? Looking to go with some friends one night but can not find any besides going to the city. Dont want to make the drive.

Any one have dinning experience at Solaia in Greenwich, Ct...need help?

I am getting married in Jan 2010. I was looking to have my Wedding Rehearsal Dinner party at Solaia on Greenwich Ave in Greenwich, CT. One of my friends recommended this place for my dinner party. He thought the concept would be cool and different for our family to enjoy. I asked a few people in greenwich about Solaia and I got mixed differences on the place. Can someone tell me more about Solariawith? Can someone help me out with more information about Solaia on Greenwich Ave who has had dinning experience there?

Wanted to know the Best and Worst Restaurants of Greenwich, Ct?

I am possibly moving to Greenwich, Ct soon. Wanted to know if someone can help me find the Best and Worst Restaurants of Greenwich? I eat out every night. I am a big foodie and love to eat anything. Looking for a variety with good ambience and tasty food? Look forward to your advice and comments?