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PALAK CHAAT -Rasika's "crispy spinach app."

The spinach at Rasika definitely has bits of fried chickpea flour in it....I had it yesterday...and it is flashed fried - we asked the waiter...

Jul 26, 2012
yummyumyummy in Home Cooking

Good Indian buffet in DC??

Udupi is my very favorite. It's in Takoma Park/Langley Park. Near New Hampshire and University Blvd. They don't use ghee.

Hell Point Seafood in downtown Annapolis, MD is good.

I went to Hell Point for the first time this week and thought all of the food was quite good. I believe it is worth going to and will go back. The crab cake has a mustard flavor that is unique and it is well prepared. The watermelon salad was delicious and delivered by the sous chef who wore a beautiful blue uniform. I enjoyed the lobster roll, but it was too expensive at $20. I sat on the patio and enjoyed the view. I went the day after the Post review and the staff was very friendly, professional, and attentive. I did come across one staff member who spoke openly and rudely to the hostess who greeted us. I don't know who she was, but she took us to our tables and seated us, so maybe she was another hostess. On the other hand she was very polite to us - just a very immature young woman.

Good quick lunch in College Park?

Udupi vegetarian Indian restaurant at University Blvd and New Hampshire Ave. Great inexpensive buffet.

Larger birthday party recommendation?

I love Hollywood East Cafe (Chinese restaurant) in Wheaton, Maryland. They have great food and energetic service.

What's good in Annapolis?

I lived here all my life. If you want great seafood then you should head over here or over to the Eastern shore. Probably the best restaurant in town is O'Leary's, it is also expensive and you should get reservations. The food is original and very good. Best place to eat hardshell crabs anywhere is Cantler's - better google the address and map it before you try to find it yourself. Carrol's Creek has good food and a great view. If you want to enjoy yourself I always recommend taking the water taxi over to the Chart House (that side of Annapolis is called 'Eastport') and go sit inside their bar and order a drink and something light to eat and enjoy the view of Annapolis Harbor (you can take the water taxi over to Carrol's Creek too if you like, or get off at the Chart House dock and walk over to O'Leary's. You board the water taxi about halfway down the city dock opposite the Harbor Master's building. Then either come back to the city dock by foot - crossing the bridge, or take the water taxi again - it's only about $2.25 plus a tip. Then go over to Aromi d'Italia (behind the Harbor Master's building) and treat yourself to gelato. It's the best Italian gelato I've had in the US and this is the flagship store. If you really love yourself, then buy the sundae with three scoops of gelato (I personally love the Pistachio, Coconut and Wild Berry - but they are all delicious and you can sample all of them), fresh whip cream, berry sauces, liquid chocolate and cookies. It's heaven. It's also nice to have them turn the gelato into noodles.... Other places worth mentioning are Jalapenos, which is technically in Parole, next to the 'new Annapolis town center' - a new huge high-rise complex that you can see from route 50. Jalapenos serves very good Spanish and Mexican food and the service is wonderful, wonderful people work here. If you are only going to be in the heart of the city of Annapolis then I recommend Galway Bay on Maryland Ave off of State Circle for their 'Miss Peggy's crab cake' and their strawberry and rhubarb pie. They also have a good seafood salad trio. Hell Point Seafood also has a good crab cake that is different from the rest in that it has a noticeable mustard flavor that I liked. Their watermelon salad is also very good. You can sit on the patio and look over at the city dock and people watch. Cafe Normandie on Main Street is good and cozy and comfortable for a single diner. They have a very good white bean soup and a delicious strawberry crepe that you want to be sure you get with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Annapolis is for seafood and if you stick with that you should be fine, if you want to eat steak (I don't) all of my neighbors love Lewnes in Eastport (it's also expensive).

Hot Tip: Udupi is giving out Coupons - Takoma Park, Maryland

I went to Udupi in Takoma Park, Maryland yesterday and they gave me three coupons. One for $2 off my next meal, and two more for more money if you spend more. I love Udupi. It's the ony Indian restaurant I can eat at that doesn't give me the runs. Udupi is vegetarian and does not use ghee (clarified butter). They have a great inexpensive daily lunch buffet that always has plenty of variety and is always fresh. Udupi is my favorite Indian restaurant and my favorite Indian restaurant. The staff is very attentive and very nice. The dining room is clean and well maintained. Udupdi isn't fancy but it is really good and a great bargain restaurant in the D.C. area.