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Bardelli's [San Francisco]

Does anyone remember Bardelli's Restaurant? [San Francisco]

Does anyone remember King Cotton [San Rafael] or The Hippo [San Francisco] ?

I first went to the Hippo in the mid to late 60's. I fondly remember the Wolo murals. Thanks for the memories.


Thank you!


Does anyone know where I can find good kamameshi in San Francisco? I've been to Kamameshi House in South San Francisco, but am looking for an alternative. Thanks.

Good smoked fish?

Another vote for Creekside! I particularly like the smoked albacore.

Has anyone tried the smoked butter?

What fish IS local?

If you go to the pier at Princeton by the Sea you can buy directly from the boats. There used to be a chalkboard with notes of who had what each day. I don't know if they still do that. There is also a fish market right next to the could ask.

Best Scallion/Onion/Green Onion Pancakes in the Bay Area?

The House of Nanking makes a decent onion pancake.

House of Nanking
919 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94133

Who's familiar with old San Francisco restaurants?

One of my earliest memories was refusing to eat anything at the Old Poodle Dog. I couldn't have been more than 4 years old and thought they were serving old poodle dogs.

Who's familiar with old San Francisco restaurants?

I remember the Hoffman! It was a men only place until the early 70's. I miss the sauerbraten and corned beef hash as well.

Beijing BBQ 4683 Mission (at Persia) (sister of Beijing Restaurant), SF

I've lived in the Excelsior and there is a large Chinese population there.

Dobosh Torte

We are looking for a Dobosh Torte, with fond memories of Fantasia Bakery.

Do any readers know of a bakery making this Hungarian torte? Thanks.

Fresh & Easy stores - when will they open?

The Pacifica store will open 03/09/11.