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MKE: Pho in Milwaukee

Dont know if you ever made is but Phans Garden is the best pho in the city.... I wouldnt even bother looking around. Its next door to the Lao temple and even the budahs eat there i call that no contest haha

Minneapolis ETHNIC Food Snobs, Your Help Is Needed!

I live out in milwaukee and i guess i would qualify as a "ethnic food snob" lol! If you do consider Milwaukee for a weekend trip there are def lots of places to check out. For mexican food especially! As far as thai/lao/viet food the choices are really limited for a person who knows what the food is supposed to taste like. Im originally from the east coast and i guess didnt realize how spoiled i was as far as having options to dine. This is what ive found so far....Phans Garden for pho, Vientiane for lao food and Fortune for chinese. Choices are limited out here if your use to having many options for asian food. Like for example i cannot find a asian bakery to save my life out here, cant find a noodle house that serves capeac and have not once seen a duck hanging in any store front window?!? However i do hear that chicago has not only a china town but a viet town. Im told that china town is for tourists and viet town is for people who mean business when it comes to eating = ) I did stop at viet town once briefly on my way to Indiana for a weekend trip and can def tell you that i will most definately be returning for a whole day and plan to be very hungry before i go.
I've also heard about the flea market in MN but i believe its a Hmong flea market. I was suppose to check it out wt friends when i went to Rochester for a engagement party a few months back but didnt make it in time...
Good Luck!

Best High End Grocery Store - MKE

Ive been here about 5 years and its surprisingly hard to find any grocery store that prides them self in the products they carry. So far my fav is Brennans in brookfield. Its across the street from V Richards and has the best produce ive found so far! Also they have a small lil deli that def carries better meat than pick n save and also they have a lil wine and cheese section.
I havnt had the time yet but hear good things about the outpost and milwaukee public market downtown..

Milwaukee, WI

Regarding the original post if you ever come back to visit i've been in milwaukee about 5yrs and have found so far that .... for authentic lao/thai food its only Vientiane for me. Its on 35th and national. A small mom and pop resteraunt that typically only laos folks dine at so you know the food is authentic. For pho (vietnamese soup) i only go to Phans garden on about 17th & national, best in the city (unless you know someone to make it home made for you)! Its nextdoor to the Lao temple and across the street from Pick n Save. For chinese it is hands down Fortune on highway 100 (aka 107th). I have there phone # in my cell its that good!

For those of you from NY you are absolutely correct about the pizza in Milwaukee! Your definately not going to find a pie out here but there is good pizza. So far Neds pizza is favorite thin crust (located on 27th). Its paper thin and has a flavorful sauce. Not to mention the sausage topping is DElicious! For just reg pizza i only go to Marty's in brookfield. Its about 10 min west of milwaukee and so far the only pizza resteraunt that i can find a eatable antipato at.

Bon Appetit!

Aug 30, 2009
Harmony414 in Great Lakes