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Non-red (Hawaiian-style?) Cha-shu

I'm trying to find a (grocery) store/deli/restaurant that carries the brown-colored Cha-shu. A recipe would be great too!

I used to see it offered at the Gardena Marukai a few times along with "regular" version that's smoked/cured and drier with the red outside but they haven't had it for a few months now :( The one I'm looking for is a more natural brown color and is moister than the red version. And it's also different than the drier (and fattier) Japanese-style Cha-shu that's oftentimes used in Ramen dishes.

Any ideas? Someone mentioned Sam Woo's on the East Side but I don't go out that way very often and would really appreciate finding someplace in the South Bay (SoCal, not the Bay area in NorCal)


Apr 13, 2011
Nermie in General Topics

Suggestions for B-day Dinner in Vegas

Hello All:
I'm trying to organize a celebration dinner for son who's turning 21 in June. He's a major carnivore but also loves Italian food too. Heck -- let's be honest here, the boy just loves to eat.

We've been poring over restaurant descriptions and sample menus from the many hotels on the strip. I've also heard wonderful things about Nob Hill, Fiamma Trattoria & Bar and L'Atelier. But so far, his list includes:
Luxor Steak House
Trattoria del Lupo

We're inviting family from all over -- so far the group is around 12, mostly adults but there will be 3 teens and a couple of young ones in the party (ages 8 and 10). I sure could use some suggestions and input.
Thank you!

Mar 16, 2008
Nermie in Southwest

Anyplace like the old Mago's on Centinela

Don't know if it's the same restaurant but I just checked out a Fuji's on Gothard in Huntington Beach. (And they do make a chasiu avocado burrito.) I tried their Avocado Charsiu Sandwich. The Charsiu wasn't what I remembered of Mago's and the bun -- well they didn't list it as a "burger, but -- with the other option being an Armenian bread, my bun wasn't a French roll either.

So, maybe it is the old Fuji's from Long Beach but if you're looking for the taste of Mago's, I think you'll need to keep looking. So disappointed . . .

Here's the link to their mapped location:

Jul 10, 2007
Nermie in Los Angeles Area

Tea Cake Recipe - not the cookies

Those tea cakes were my absolute favorites too!

I went to check out Angel Maid Bakery (Culver City) when I heard they made tea cakes just like those at Grace's. But they're not (they didn't even have any glaze on top) so -- alas, my quest continues . . .

If you can share the recipe, that be great! I'll just bake my own!

Jul 09, 2007
Nermie in Home Cooking