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What is your current "List"? (i.e. places you want to try)

Sophisticated I am not....

Smoked and Cracked for lobster roll
Kovalsky's Polish on Royal York
Sushi Moto Yonge and Sheppard
Nawab at Yonge and Sheppard
Savera Indian on St. Clair
Adrak Indian on Wertheim Ct.
the new Moe Pancer's

Jamaican ice cream shop

The No Frills at Bathurst & Wilson carries Tropical Treats' Indian flavours: pistachio, rose, and mango kulfi.

are there any good fish&chip places

Actually, that's a really demand neighbourhood to live in. Sheppard Avenue itself is nothing special but the residential streets just north and south of it are very desirable. In 15-20 min you can walk to Yonge Street, there's the subway and every kind of shop/restaurant/service one would need. The original 2-bdrm. woodframe houses list for 800K+. But I'm getting sidetracked.... Jerry's had to be doing something right, or else maybe his rent was very low. The place had about 3 tables and was mostly takeout. You are right, there's no fish and chip specialty place in that area now. Personally I would make the drive to either High Street or Old York, might as well make the effort to eat the best of the best.

are there any good fish&chip places

Juno, I'm not sure where you are getting the name "Pick up Fish & Chips", because the location you describe is the former home of "Jerry's Fish and Chip" which recently moved to somewhere in Scarborough, after being at that Sheppard and Senlac location for about 5 million years. I wouldn't say the area was desolate - they were right on Sheppard and in a residential area. Not sure why they moved but they must have been doing something right as they had been there for so long.

Pancer's is back

Really great news. Nice to see them back. Hopefully the first thing will be a good scrubbing, inside and out, the windows get washed and the entry vestibule gets a fresh coat of paint.

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

Moe Pancer's, a Toronto institution for about 50 million years has been closed down for non-payment of rent. (This is the original location on Bathurst St, not the new location in Vaughan). It was a shadow of its former self ever since Lorne Pancer sold out and moved up to Vaughan.

Monster Lobster

Ive never been to either but have read a couple of negative reviews for LM. Smoked and Cracked, on the other hand, everyone loves and it is highly regarded, especially their lobster rolls.

Best soufganyot?(Chanukah donuts)

Richmond has jelly (it was really just fruit jam, either raspberry or strawberry), something that looked like Nutella and I think a custard.

Best soufganyot?(Chanukah donuts)

Well, I walk by Amazing Donuts everyday on my way to work and based on what I see from looking through the windows, I would suggest you go elsewhere. Won't say any more than that. However, yesterday I went to Richmond Kosher Bakery, which is just up the street at Bathurst and York Downs, from Amazing. If you are driving, its another 2 min. in the car, going north. Lots of parking out the front. The store is very clean, the employees are pleasant, and the product is good. They had a rack of different kinds, I just buy the jelly. They were lovely. As well, I also purchased yesterday from Happy Bagel at the corner of Bathurst & Finch. Same deal - a rack of mixed jelly, chocolate and something else. I can't say there's much of a difference in the soufanyot from either place, but they were both very heavy. I think they're supposed to be that way? Amadeus Fine Cakes also on Bathurst by Promenade Mall, is always recommended but I've never had them. Its another 20 min or so up the street. So yesterday I ate 3 soufanyot. No guilt, but I skipped dinner. Happy Hannukah!

Museum Tavern

Has anyone tried their lobster roll? Its highly rated but I'd like a first-hand review.

Christmas Day Dinner Delivery - downtown Toronto

Here's the link to the Royal YOrk's takeout dinner. I'm sure they don't deliver, but you could always send a cab to pick it up. Have fun and enjoy your new addition.


Fresh Turkey

Both Reesor's and Stuart Carroll in the York farmer's market have fresh turkeys - 7509 Yonge Street. (A bit out of the way, I know, for some folks).

Where to get Great 'Fruit Cake' in town?!

I'm happy to report I've just ordered my Marks and Spencer pudding and cake from Flowers & More on Jane Street. Here's the link. They also have a variety of other brands of cakes and puddings from the UK, with real liquor in them (I think), so hopefully you can find something here:


Special occasion cake - help

I was just going to post the "new" Bake Shoppe. Their cupcakes were exceptional, so I would imagine their cakes would also be very good. Their new website says they need 4 days notice, but surely they can squeeze you in. Get on it!

Pie delivery for wedding - help needed

Wisey's Pies just opened at Eglinton and Laird. Their savory pies are lovely, but I have not tried their sweet ones.


2014 Best Butter Tart Discussion

Smoked and Cracked seafood place on Mount Pleasant - they offer a "deep dish butter tart" for dessert. Anyone try them? They certainly look good.




Ok, how about this place: It seems to get good on-line reviews and their prices are more in line with what you are looking for:


here's an old chowhound thread about their other location:



Miller Tavern at Yonge & York Mills (maybe??). Their prices might be a bit high but they do have a 3-course for $27. Parking is easy, its right by the 401 and easy to get to by TTC.

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

Yes, or often we just put the exact amount on the credit and card and bring a few $$ in cash for the tip.

Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?

Sometimes Wegman's has it. But its not easy to find. I picked up the last 2 cans on the shelf last time I was there. A couple of other Wegman's had none. You can also order it online from a variety of sources but the shipping costs to get it up here are high.


Trio Restaurant in the North York Novotel today. I've never had a bad meal so we try to go every 'licious. Today we started w/ peach gazpacho topped w/ goat cheese, followed by beef sandwich on a brioche bun, fries and key lime pie for dessert. The restaurant was packed. Servers were hopping but we were well looked after - water glasses re-filled, plates taken away promptly. Soup was good but nothing really special, beef was moist and tender, they did not skimp on the meat. The bun was fresh and soft. Fries came in a cute little metal frying basket. Key lime pie was excellent - serving was a bit small but we agreed after it was more than enough as we were all very full. $15 well spent.


Agree. I would never tip on a post-tax total. I tip about 20% on a pre-tax total, always. Unless the service is poor, then it would be less.

Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?

B & M brown bread in a can
Pure Leaf unsweetened ice tea (I can only find the sweetened here)
Peet's whole bean coffee
Land o' Lakes half-fat butter
Burt's Bees honey cough drops (but I think they may have been discontinued)

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Sea Witch Fish and Chip at 638 St. Clair West and Vaughan Road. They've got a website up w/ hours but does anyone know if they are actually open yet? Or how close to opening the place looks?

Best of Danforth Thread

I'm bumping up this old thread as I'm looking for the best Greek restaurant on the Danforth. I can't find anything recent. They'll be a group of 10, and it must be Greek. Cost is not at issue. Your suggestions are appreciated.

Coconut Cake and Napoleans -where to buy?

Phipps Bakery at 428 Eglinton West does a Coconut Lemon Snowball cake. Looks very nice,but I've never had anything from them.


Need North York recommendation for a 50th wedding anniversary dinner

I'll second Paese. They also have a very nice private room on the second floor (note -you have to climb one flight of stairs), prices are not crazy, parking is easy and I've always had a nice meal there.

Jetsun's Juicy Burger

Yes, its been closed for a while now.

Toronto’s Best Butter Tarts Aren’t in Toronto


Toronto’s Best Butter Tarts Aren’t in Toronto

Where is "Max's"??