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Ben and Izzy's Deli

It never had good reviews right from the start. Apparently the two guys who opened it had no restaurant experience.

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

Google them. Read Dinesafe. I would not eat there.

What happened to the 10% yogurt at supermarkets?

I get the Krema brand at Yummy market. Plain is 11% and the coffee/cappucino is 9%. They have a couple of other flavours too.

Breakfast sandwiches in Toronto

Starbucks sandwiches are $2 this week, with the email coupon.

Group dinner along the 401 from Bayview to Markham Road

thank you all for your suggestions. still figuring it out, but I think it will be Windfield's

Group dinner along the 401 from Bayview to Markham Road

I'm looking for a Sat. night dinner place for about 15 people. Entrees should be less than $20. Someplace close to the 401 in the east end of Toronto, with lots of parking. It has to be something with a lot of variety like the Pickle Barrel (but not the PB as their service is awful). I thought about Windfields at York Mills??

Butter in sticks

I've got President's Choice unsalted country churned butter in 4-stick format, in my fridge. Hubby got it at No Frills.

A place to eat, in the Downsview area for 10-12 people.

Help Please - Lunch around North York Civic Centre

I like the Novotel's Trio Restaurant. I've read pretty good reviews for Agra Fine Indian, just north of Sheppard, but have never tried it.

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

I enjoyed Sea Witch. The server was very pleasant and efficient. The fish was a good sized piece and not too much breading. I'd give it a 7. The fries were better, an 8. Not as good as High Street and I probably won't got back, its not close to me, but it was enjoyable.

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Can anyone tell me what's going on with Old Yorke Fish and Chips on Laird? Apparently they're now called "Posh" but they still have fish and chips. Their website is still the same.

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

Copper Chimney opened to rave reviews and after that... well, checkout Dinesafe and Yelp. Let's just say they had no customers for awhile.

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

There's this place as well.... apparently their butter chicken poutine is their big thing.....

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

I forgot about Adrak. Thank you Charles for reminding me. I haven' tried Indian Cuisine but I'll still keep them on my list. If my expectations are low, then I'll be ok.

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

Indian Kitchen just moved to a new location, at the corner of Yonge and Morgan in Thornhill (almost directly across the street from their old place at Yonge and Clark). At least its now all sparkly new. There's also Indian Cuisine on Steeles just west of Yonge before you get to Bathurst. It gets a lot of good reviews. And there's also Earth Indian on Yonge just south of Steeles, north of Finch.

Summerlicious 2015

They need to fix the website because the filter option does not work. I'm going to try to get to Kamasutra Indian, missed it last time.

Some love for Paese...

I used to go a couple of times a year, its a 2-min walk from my house. Last time, not so good. I ordered pasta - no garnish, not even a teeny piece of parsley, it looked very sad in that bowl. The waiter also never came around with the grated cheese. They couldn't serve me my original pasta order because "it didn't turn out so good". Well, at least they were honest, but take it off the menu because its the little things like that which brings things downhill. Years ago, before they expanded and before they opened the (now-closed) second location downtown, this place was probably a big money-maker for the owner. It was tiny, but always, always busy. Then he went big, expanded this location, opened another one, and things went downhill. He was too stretched,I think. Nowadays, that parking lot isn't often full. I'll give him another try. This is a crummy neighbourhood and we need all the businesses like his we can get.

Does anyone know where to buy these kimchi containers in Toronto?

Maybe try the Seasons grocery store in the newly-opened World on Yonge complex (condos/retail) at Yonge and Doncaster in Thornhill. About a 3 min drive north of Steeles. I think they're Korean. I know they have all kinds of rice cookers, so maybe they have this as well. I see they also just opened in Brampton, too.

Pain Perdu Yonge and Lawrence closed???

Sorry, I just realized that the name was noted previously.

Pain Perdu Yonge and Lawrence closed???

Can someone please tell us the name of the bakery? thanks.

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

I'd bet that's how they make it at the restaurant. Years ago, I worked at St. Hubert. Their dip was powder, to which we added water. I'm sure SC is the same thing.

2015 Butter Tart Debate

Any comments on the Grandmother's brand butter tarts available at Bruno's?

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

Yup, its the quality too. My mom does her own version of Swiss Chalet now. She buys the whole roasted chickens at Longos - $7.99 Wednesday night special, a packet of the Swiss Chalet sauce powder at the grocery store, does her own fries and voila! Swiss Chalet for 1/2 the price of Swiss Chalet.

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

I've been saying this for the past while. Their business in in trouble. So many special offers now, so many new items to entice sales, and the closing of stores. The one at Yonge & Steeles was disgusting, nothing had been done to it since I started going there 40+ years ago. Their biggest appeal was always the price. Well, they ain't so cheap anymore. By the time you add on the surcharge for white meat, a basic quarter chicken dinner, with fries and the infamous inedible roll, is $14. That's insane for what it is (although they do have a special right now, two dinners for $25). Add to that their inability to fix the glitches with their website, so you couldn't order online, which took them months and months to correct.

Superb Suliko Lunch - Steeles and Alness

From their Facebook page: $9.95 lunch photo: looks good, its on my list. Do you think they'll be open Good Friday?

What is your current "List"? (i.e. places you want to try)

Sophisticated I am not....

Smoked and Cracked for lobster roll
Kovalsky's Polish on Royal York
Sushi Moto Yonge and Sheppard
Nawab at Yonge and Sheppard
Savera Indian on St. Clair
Adrak Indian on Wertheim Ct.
the new Moe Pancer's

Jamaican ice cream shop

The No Frills at Bathurst & Wilson carries Tropical Treats' Indian flavours: pistachio, rose, and mango kulfi.

are there any good fish&chip places

Actually, that's a really demand neighbourhood to live in. Sheppard Avenue itself is nothing special but the residential streets just north and south of it are very desirable. In 15-20 min you can walk to Yonge Street, there's the subway and every kind of shop/restaurant/service one would need. The original 2-bdrm. woodframe houses list for 800K+. But I'm getting sidetracked.... Jerry's had to be doing something right, or else maybe his rent was very low. The place had about 3 tables and was mostly takeout. You are right, there's no fish and chip specialty place in that area now. Personally I would make the drive to either High Street or Old York, might as well make the effort to eat the best of the best.

are there any good fish&chip places

Juno, I'm not sure where you are getting the name "Pick up Fish & Chips", because the location you describe is the former home of "Jerry's Fish and Chip" which recently moved to somewhere in Scarborough, after being at that Sheppard and Senlac location for about 5 million years. I wouldn't say the area was desolate - they were right on Sheppard and in a residential area. Not sure why they moved but they must have been doing something right as they had been there for so long.

Pancer's is back

Really great news. Nice to see them back. Hopefully the first thing will be a good scrubbing, inside and out, the windows get washed and the entry vestibule gets a fresh coat of paint.