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Cobb Salad Dip

Adding feta could be a bit much with the sour cream. Perhaps omit the sour cream and sub with cream cheese. Then when you add your feta, the flavor combos should be more at a balance. So many delicious variations!! Have fun with it deb =D

Aug 29, 2009
Killertofu in Recipes

New Finds: Germanic Fermented Soda

This drink seems to be similar to a somewhat new health drink offered at Whole Foods. It is called Kombucha. They also offer in different flavors. The neat thing about this drink was that it was made with a tea that was fermented. It was non-alcoholic but only a very slight amount of alcohol really. Great health benefits I heard. Only draw back was I couldnt stand the flavor. Too much like a heavily carbonated beer. (i am not a beer drinker).

Aug 29, 2009
Killertofu in Features