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Dinner with 7 Brown Students Where?!!

Luxe is absolutely fantastic. They have the best burgers around. Andino's on Federal Hill is my favorite place to take my family when they come to visit. Its a little small, so I would call ahead. The food is good and not as pricey as some of the other restaurants around there.

171 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI 02903

Late Date Night in Prov

I am supposed to have a date with a new guy (yay!) tomorrow night but the problem is we both get out of work after nine. We work in Down City and I need some ideas of whats open late to eat at! Any suggestions?

Down City
50 Weybosset St, Providence, RI 02903

Lunch in Providence, RI near Brown?

I am a huge fan of East Side Pockets on Thayer St. They have the best gyros around There is a little bit of everything on Thayer, you can't really go too wrong. Geoff's on Benefit is in walking distance and has awesome sandwiches. I would say one of those!

East Side Pocket
278 Thayer St, Providence, RI 02906

Sorellas, North Providence

I ate at Sorella's twice this past week for lunch during work. I thought it was fantastic. The ladies that run it are super nice and helpful and the vibe is great. I had the buffalo chicken sandwich and then the chicken bomb and there were awesome!

Fun restaurants in RI area for 23rd birthday

Keeping with the Chow Fun trend, I would say Luxe burger bar. We went there for my birthday in January and had a blast. The food is fantastic and the liquor milkshakes are AMAZING! Its not too expensive either!

Out of Town foodie on a SERIOUS budget

Hi! I'm heading to Philly for the first time for a business trip. I'm trying to stay as cheap as possible for my means (out mostly lunch and dinner). Right now I have no clue as to where I'll be either. So what are the must eat places that I can do for around $10ish?


Feb 05, 2010
poohstix12 in Philadelphia

United BBQ - Providence

I totally agree Frank! As a true Southerner, I love, love, love good BBQ. While I go to United out of sheer laziness (its walking distance), I am a much bigger fan of Rick's Roadhouse. At United I've had the pulled pork and both times the sauce was way too tomato-y and had no zing. The mac and cheese is alright, but the greens? absolutely awful. They are bland, I had to douse them in hot sauce to be edible.

Prov, RI foodies

I'm looking to get more involved in the food culture in Providence and surrounding areas. Does anyone know of regular tastings, groups, cooking clubs, anything around here?


Providence - walking distance to Waterfire?

When my mom was in town for the weekend I took her to Cafe Noir. Its a little pricey and French, but well worth it. Its by the same company that owns Luxe Burger Bar. Any of their restaurants are pretty good, including Ricks Roadhouse (a bit more of a walk) which is BBQ. Also, if you want to have good pizza, Fellini's on Wickenden is one of my favorites. I will second the Trinity, just for the beer. The bar fare is passable, and I personally like their brews better than Union. Olga's is great for lunch, on Richmond, its a cute little cafe.


schezuan in RI?

I am dying to try an authentic hot pot and/or schezuan food in general. Are there any locations that I should check out in RI?


Turning 21 in Boston

I am beginning to plan my sister's 21st birthday in the downtown area. I am not too familiar with the bar scene around there, as I live in Providence. Any suggestions as to what streets, areas to do for a decent bar crawl? She doesn't want to do the Fanuiel area, that she's made clear. Any help or suggestions would be great!