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Turning 30-- any ideas for a casual party with awesome food?

Thank you all so much for the genius brainstorming.

I'm in Nolita-- which definitely makes one of those Chinatown routes geographically appealing, and I think there might also be Lower East Side prospects..

But I am increasingly thinking that my building will not take kindly to my roasting a pig on their roof. Does anyone know any venues for casual parties, like a rooftop or a garden, that would be available for rental down here? (I looked at the hearth dining room but it like I'd have to go fancy sit-down there, rather than swing-by-for-some-pig.)

Or anyone know of restaurants in Chinatown that have anything that fits the bill?

Aug 30, 2009
mulberries in Manhattan

Turning 30-- any ideas for a casual party with awesome food?

Hi Chowhounders,

I'm turning 30 and want to host a party -- turning to you experts for creative ideas.

My first instinct, to which I'm not entirely wedded: at home, catered with something awesome. (My apartment is big enough to host in, and has smallish balcony too, though grilling's tough with the city's laws?) One idea: Is there a company that I could hire to roast a pig or two?

But I suspect y'all have better party ideas. I'm open to doing it off-site too, but wouldn't know where. With gratitude for any ideas or experiences in a similar vein,

-- getting older in nyc

Aug 29, 2009
mulberries in Manhattan