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does OLD BAY SEASONING, from Macormick, contain any msg-like artificial ingredients for enhancing its flavour?

So here's the problem with the "Ingredient List"; it says "Spices (including...)". That's a red flag. If it listed the spices and did not say "spices" that would make a world of difference. MSG can legally be listed as a spice. Also, asking the company is pointless, because unless you ask for the specific form of Glutamate (there's a lot of different names - and MSG is only one form that adds free glutamates to food - soy sauce, hydrolyzed protein, etc all add different levels of it) they will never tell you it contains that ingredient unless you ask for the exact form and the exact name they are using in the product - and they are still legally correct in saying 'no' because technically it doesn't contain MSG, but may contain hydrolyzed protein or autolyzed yeast, etc. Don't believe it - look up autolyzed yeast or yeast extract or hydrolyzed protein, wikipedia, google, etc. Sounds nothing like MSG does it - but they do exactly the same thing - and have the same effect as MSG.

"According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, hydrolyzed protein is used to enhance flavor as it contains free glutamic acid and may contain monosodium glutamate (MSG). When added this way, the labels are not required to list MSG as an ingredient."

(quoted from wiki)

Everyone says - "oh they don't want to tell you their secrets" - that's baloney - listing ingredients is not giving away secrets - especially when people have food allergies and are putting it into their bodies. I, for one, believe that Old Bay HAS MSG - I would luv to send it to a lab and test it. You can definitely taste it for one, and several people I now have had reactions to it.

Aug 29, 2009
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