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I'm in Atlanta- Help needed for LunchQuest 2009

When you are not in such a rush for time, try Aunt Pitty Pat's Front Porch. If I return to Atlanta, I will make the time to go there again. A little pricey, but worth every dollar.

Dining in Winston Salem

In nearby Kernersville [due East of Winston on business 40] there is a wonderful Mexican restaurant called Don Juan's. It has to be the best Mexican in Forsyth County. Your son would probably enjoy anything there. Bon Appetit!

The Cotton Mill Restaurant was FAB!

You missed some really wonderful cusine. Hopefully you will get to dine there during your next visit to Winston Salem.

The Cotton Mill Restaurant was FAB!

I ate there on Thursday evening and again tonight. This is located in Winston Salem, in the bottom portion of Brookstown Inn. They have a great chef now, and you would enjoy the cusine.

Mint Julep

Well ... you folks need to visit Kentucky, the home of JIM BEAM. Jim Beam is not from Tennessee. There are several distilleries on the Bourbon Trail. Also, other distilleries located near Lewisburg, KY have recipe books for sale and the Mint Julep flavoring that you add to STRAIGHT bourbon. Serve on the rocks. Enjoy. Write to Four Roses Distillery for more information.

Aug 29, 2009
LadyRebel55 in Recipes

The Cotton Mill Restaurant was FAB!

After eating at the Cotton Mill Restaurant located in the lower portion of Brookstown Inn in Winston Salem, I am already planning to return. The food was OUTSTANDING. Great service, wonderful atmosphere, and fine dining. They have a great chef, and the food is delectable. I enjoyed the appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes with Havarti Cheese, and the Pecan Crusted Chicken with Roasted Vegetables. I don't know what they cooked those veggies with, but they were to die for. The chicken was great, but they serve so much, you will need a to go box. The
chicken was wonderful the day after too.

Since I am not related to anyone there, I think you will find the above to be more than true. You are missing a wonderful dining experience if you have not tried this restaurant.