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smoke boxes on grill

wood chip boxes are advertised many places. i saw one that went directly on the crate of a grill and the meat was directly over the chips. can this be done? i was told that if that was done, the meat would taste like smoke, not smoked meat. that the meat would not be edible. is this correct? thanks

Jun 06, 2012
karenb0823 in Cookware

Problems with San Marzano tomatoes in sauce

thank you Messy Virgo. you are soooo right. "sugo". i know there are some italians that do call it gravy, though. i do not know which. i live in chicago, and we have an area we call "taylor street", an italian neighborhood, well, still for the most part still italian. it was here, that they called in gravy. it always seemed to be the area that called it gravy. not so much the heritage. i had many friends that moved from taylor street to where i live and they all seemed to call it gravy. where i grew up, on the north side(italian then) we called it sugo. we had a mixutre of sicilians, calabrians, etc. no one every called it gravy. point being, after all this time, is it more the area where they lived. i do not really know, asking. all the things you wrote about the brown gravy, and all the garlic and oil pasta and all, it brought make so many wonderful memories. great, how 2 of us who do not know each other at all, but have this in common.

Aug 29, 2009
karenb0823 in Home Cooking