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Panera for lunch -- NEVER AGAIN!

Here is a little Panera secret...(at least near Menlo Park Mall in NJ) you can order a pick two lunch...then pick two of the same things. So, half a salad, order another half... etc. :)

Personally, I like Panera when I HAVE to eat lunch out...the smaller portions are perfect for my fussy stomach.

Oct 10, 2009
Darquebrew in Chains

Cooking With Costco

Wine! They have a great selection... I normally go to my local wine shop, find out what I like, then hit Costco for refills. They have most of the simple table sorts of wines, and often they have more esoteric things as well. My favorite table wines from Costco:

7 Deadly Zins (a Zinfandel) and Menage a Trois a blended table wine that comes in red, white and rose. I have only had the red and white though. Horse Heaven Hills Chardonnay was nice too...(2007 I think)

Oct 10, 2009
Darquebrew in Chains

Lox Flatbread

We used to do something very similar to this when I was a child. But, the bread was something my grandmother called a Pletzel. It tasted and looked like a flatbread version of an onion bagel. We cut it into pizza shaped wedges. I haven't seen Pletzels in years...

Oct 01, 2009
Darquebrew in Recipes

Restaurant News Metuchen NJ

Hey there Hounds!

My husband were on our evening walk and passed by on Thursday evening. The Thai menus and decorations were gone, brown paper on the windows... the owner and his wife (and adorable daughter who was running in and out of the place) were in there busy painting the walls a lovely gold color. Their Manager was in there too... we said hi, and talked to them a few minutes. They seem very nice, and some of the menu items sound rockin too! Will post again, if I see more on my next walk! (if the damned rain ever lets up...blech)

Aug 29, 2009
Darquebrew in New Jersey