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Monday lunch in Verona (plus more)

In the end our trip was cut short due to a Lufthansa strike, but we ended up going to:

Atelier (dinner)
Our least favorite meal, though not bad. We were almost alone in the restaurant. Hotel is worth a visit though (for their art).

Locanda i 4 cuochi (lunch)
Very pleased with this choice; affordable and very good food.

La Fontanina (dinner)
Easily the best meal; definitely everybody's favourite

"Place I forgot the name of" in Pescantina (dinner) - (I will try to figure out the name of the restaurant):
We went on the recommendation of the winemaker at Marchesi Fumanelli where we did a tour and tasting. This was definitely a neighbourhood place and apparently off the tourist trail; no English menus for instance (nor much English language skills in general). Solid and large portions, tried their Risotto all'Amarone. It was a quiet night so the owner brought out and shared some grappa with us, and he told one of the other guest to drive us back to the hotel; he might have been a taxi driver... :)

I don't remember which dishes we had but we took some pictures of the menus so I can post those when I get them.

Jul 29, 2013
_KRS_ in Italy

Monday lunch in Verona (plus more)

Hi all!

We are six guys visiting Verona/Veneto in a couple of weeks (a Friday-Monday long weekend) on a wine/food trip.

We have most of our meals planned, but would appreciate recommendations for Monday lunch. Looking for a place with a set meny option (though not important) and good local wine selection (which I guess applies to any recommended restaurant in the region). Willing to travel a little bit but not too far as we need to catch a 16:55 flight from Verona (VRN). Rural or urban setting doesn't matter, but not too formal (i.e dress code).

A couple of options I have checked out are (closed as far as I can tell)
dal pescatore

The hotel concierge has recommended the following (in general, not necessarily for lunch):
Trattoria “Alla Coà”
Ristorante “Groto de Corgnan” (closed
)Ristorante “Tre Marchetti”
Ristorane “Osteria Ponte Pietra” (this is the one I am leaning towards atm


In another thread ( I have found mentioned
Al Pompiere
Al Duomo (not sure how downscale this place it; the mentioned thread says not to go to the bathroom?!


Our other reservations (comments welcome!) are for:
Friday dinner @ atelier at the Villa Amista (where we are staying - and probably to only convenient option given a late arrival)
Saturday dinner @ la fontanina
Saturday lunchtime we have no concrete plans and will be wandering around Verona city centre (probably stopping by Bottega del Vino at least)
Sunday we are planning on visiting one or two wineries:
“Masi Agricola”-
Azienda Agricola Quintarelli -


Apr 07, 2013
_KRS_ in Italy

Sunday-Tuesday Dinner and Lunch in Nice and Cannes in November

Thanks for that, Le Bistrot des Anges looks like a good choice for us, will check it out.
We now have reservations for both Keisuke Matsushima and Millesime 82, looking forward to it.

Yep, hoping for some decent weather (and tailwind!) on the Sunday :-)

Nov 09, 2010
_KRS_ in France

Sunday-Tuesday Dinner and Lunch in Nice and Cannes in November


Heading to Nice and Cannes next week and would like comments and further recommendations. Travelling with two friends and we will be running the marathon on Sunday morning from Nice to Cannes. Hence we will be looking to have an early relatively bland pasta meal Saturday evening. Not expecting too much feedback on such a request :-)

However, from Sunday evening until Tuesday we will be in the mood for celebrating with good food. Having done some research it appears that both Tétou in Golfe Juan and Bacon on the Cap d'Antibes are closed for the season. Can someone confirm or clarify this?

Millesime 82 and Flaveur seem to be the board favourites in Nice but they are closed on Sunday and Monday, leaving only room for one of them (dinner on Tuesday) as I think a big lunch and dinner on the same day can be too much...

As Keisuke Matsushima is open on Monday it is a possibility even though the reviews on here are mixed; still it appears good value but I am unsure whether there is both a EUR 35 and 60 menu for dinner?

Le Salon des Indépendants is rated the top restaurant in Cannes on tripadvisor, but searching here reveals nothing. Anyone know if it is worth a visit? The other restaurants in Cannes mentioned on this board (Felix, La Potinière du Palais, La Palme d'Or) are closed on Sunday as far as I can tell.


Nov 07, 2010
_KRS_ in France

(somewhat) Informal gourmet experience in Paris

Just wanted to add that thanks to recommendations in this thread and on this board some of us will also be dining at Frenchie and Le Chateaubriand this week, and I tried L'ami Jean for lunch today.

Bon appetit!

Oct 13, 2009
_KRS_ in France

Questions about Chez L'Ami Jean

I had lunch at l'ami Jean today and just want to mention:
-food was very good (incl. the humongous riz au lait)
-entrée+plat+desert was EUR35
-my french is still basic so I asked for some translation help (only the daily specials and the a la carte were mentioned and I was on my own to locate the EUR35 menu which thought was a bit petty)

Oct 13, 2009
_KRS_ in France

Best hamburger in Paris?

My favourite, although I haven't tried many is Ferdi, 32 rue Mont Thabor, 75001.
It has been mentioned in various magazines/newspapers as "the best burger in Paris".

Their double bacon cheeseburger (named MacArthur I believe) is approx. EUR18, with fries costing extra.

I also enjoyed the one at Coffee Parisien.

Oct 13, 2009
_KRS_ in France

Natural wine bar-restaurants in paris on a Sunday!

The only places have been to off this list are closed on Sunday, but you may find it interesting (if you don't already know it):

Oct 08, 2009
_KRS_ in France

(somewhat) Informal gourmet experience in Paris

I have reserved the caveau at l'Angle du Faubourg so our enthusiasm will be contained ;-)
Thanks to all for your suggestions.

Sep 15, 2009
_KRS_ in France

Champagne Recs

I quite enjoyed the Pommery tour, they have quite a lot of funky art down in their caves also.

A couple of notes:
-bring warm clothes, it is cold in the caves
-quite a few houses are closed on the weekend, so check in advance, and make reservations to avoid disappointment
-I don't know how toddler friendly the caves visits are though...

Sep 15, 2009
_KRS_ in France

(somewhat) Informal gourmet experience in Paris

Have read good things about the Souffle. No hotel booked yet, but location is not that important for us, personally i live near Etoile.

Aug 30, 2009
_KRS_ in France

(somewhat) Informal gourmet experience in Paris

l'Angle du Faubourg seems to fit the bill perfectly, I will contact them tomorrow. Thanks!

Aug 30, 2009
_KRS_ in France

(somewhat) Informal gourmet experience in Paris


I am currently i Paris and have been tasked with selecting a restaurant for the visit of 8 friends in mid October. In other words there will be 9 guys dining on a Friday night and we are looking for a gourmet eperience without (completely) blowing the bank. Hopefully there is someone out there who will be able to help!

Most of us live in Oslo so we are used to high prices, but I think we would like to limit the food portion of the meal to €100ish +/-

An ideal place for us would have little or no dress code, allow people to talk above a whisper, have creative food, accept reservations for 9, and offer degustation (or equivalent) menus. We are looking for more dishes than entrée, plat, dessert.

Current options that I am investigating are:
le violon d'ingres
L'atelier Joel Robuchon
Pierre Gagnaire (too expensive I believe...)
Le sévero
Chez les anges
L'Astrance (too expensive I believe...)

Comments on these or other suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Aug 29, 2009
_KRS_ in France