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Candy-making supplies in Montreal?

try The Bulk Barn in DDO (if you have a car), the prices are great and they have everything you will need, including molds, food colors, candy bags etc.

Bretzeli cookie machine

thanks, I have contacted the edika site and am waiting for a reply. The pizzelle maker is a bit different, they make a solid cookie whereas the bretzeli is more lacey, by this I mean you can see through them. The other machines produce a thicker cookie.
thanks for the help.

Bretzeli cookie machine

Anyone know where I can get a Bretzeli cooking machine? I had these wonderful home made cookies last week in Switzerland and fell in love, there was a machine there, but since it's electric I didn't want to take a chance that a converter would work. AS well, if you have any recipes that would be appreciated as well.


Help with pan-seared fish

really happy that kcunning was reading this in 2010 and posted some more comments. Last weekend I had a pan seared halibut fillet that had an almond and gremolata crust (top side only). It was outstanding, but I was wondering how they did it...sear it first and then finish it in the oven? I can't think of any other way because the almond crust on top was firmly placed on the fish, I doubt that they flipped the fish fillet as all that gorgeous topping would have come off. This was finished with a browned butter and lemon sauce, with a touch of tarragon...out of this world.

Jun 28, 2010
bistrobabe in Home Cooking

Outside Terrasses in Montreal

Montreal has always had a love affair with outside terrasses, once temperatures are just above freezing, we are out there in droves. So I would like to know what little gems are out there, and why you consider them worthy...ambiance? drinks? food? The rooftop terrasses are the ultimate IMHO, but I don' want to miss something just because it's at ground level. Something to consider is also the time of day, so feel free to mention the best time to go. My plan is to make a list and work my way through all of them, hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Pineapple Extract?

fabulous!!! I just called them and they have it. My dinner party thanks you in advance.

Pineapple Extract?

Does anyone know where I can find pineapple extract in the Montreal area? It's definitely not in the major food chain stores, nor Bulk Barn, I have looked in small ethnic places as well. As usual, any help is appreciated.

Home made Tomato Sauce For Pasta

Here is my no meat tomato sauce, made with meat. I sauté 3 cloves of garlic until soft, add a can of tomatoe paste, 3 cans (16 0z) of those highly debated San Marzano tomatoes (hand crushed), a cup of water (or vino) if it's too thick, fresh oregano, fresh basil, bring to a boil. I add 3 italian sausages, half a rack of baby back ribs, sometimes a lamb chop, and simmer for about an hour. Then remove the meat, save for another meal or a snack. I am making this again tomorrow for friends. Always with fresh parmesan. bonne chance.

Feb 26, 2010
bistrobabe in Home Cooking

What does a foodie want for Christmas?

Something frivolous, a whipped cream dispenser, or a torch for creme brulée, a good mandolin, a hand crafted salad bowl, funky salad forks...the list goes on and on. And um, I already peeked and I am getting a gorgeous Henckel knife...I know, my bad.

Where Do I Get Knives Sharpened? - MTL


ck out the Gazette, Saturday Oct 31, great article on knives/knife sharpening.

Where to get pomegranate molasse in Montréal?

You can get it at Atwater market, I forget the name of the store, but it's the one with all the hot sauces, the funky pasta, on the street level. I buy the CLIC brand. However, I bot the last 2 bottles on the weekend, wait a couple weeks.

Chocolate tempering machines for home use...

Does anyone know of a company in the Montreal area that sells/repairs tempering machines? I have 2 from Chocovision that need parts and repair. thanks in advance.

Oct 28, 2009
bistrobabe in Cookware

Chocolate Chili

my local Metro grocery store carries the sea salt and chili flavor. As does Pharmaprix. They often go on sale, 2 for $5.

Oct 27, 2009
bistrobabe in Home Cooking

Cheapest Guinness in Montreal?

porker you are reply to date.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

I buy their sponge toffee (very good) and dip it in milk chocolate (even better). other than that, it's very mediocre and the chocolate IMHO is cheap tasting.

place where i can find a good selection of high end travel mugs in montreal?

One more suggestion, I bought one at Hallmark by Hoops and YoYo. It's not the most sturdy one around, but it's incredibly funny. The mug is musical and it is truly the funniest thing I have ever heard. So use the "good quality" most of the time and the other one when your day sucks.

Good Hot Tea and Iced Tea in Montreal

not to get off topic, but it's the first opportunity to reach out to fellow tea seems coffee people out number us by far. Why can't restaurants serve a decent cup of tea? without the frothy microwave looking surface? If you could promise me a hot, sachet on the side, cup of tea either after dinner, I would be one happy camper. I haven't had a good cup of tea at any of the breakfast restos ever. Ok, my rant is over. Thanks kpzoo for all the info.

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I just bought some great sausages at William J Walter, not sure about the Oktoberfest ones, but if you are into different flavors, the chevre and mango were outstanding.

Poutine near NDG?

I like la Banquise for basic poutine, why mess with success with other toppings. I suggest if you are new to Montreal, go to Schwartz's (on St Laurent) for smoked meat and then to La Banquise for poutine. then you can say you have tried two (artery clogging but great) foods we are well known for. And regarding Bofinger, it's ok but we don't have a lot of BBQ here so there are not a lot of alternatives. The pulled pork is the best thing they serve IMHO besides the fries, but not to be redundant, it's hit and miss. Their caesar salad is watery and tasteless. Maybe we should start a thread on Caesar salads.....hmmm.

Friends over for BBQ planning questions

agree with almost everything so far. In a gathering such as this one, when people come through the door, they usually ask if they can help. I assign a "job" task and a "food" task, it works. I also give one of the guys a "your job is to tell me how wonderful I look" and this usually turns out to be a laugh for everyone. This way, you are not stuck doing everything and can enjoy yourself just like everyone else. I have used evite a lot and it works well, but this number of people I would call. I normally account for a 20% no show. I borrow some coolers for beer, drinks, wine (maybe from your new neighbors). Lucky you, our bbq season lasted about 2 weeks this year!! (Montreal)

Sep 29, 2009
bistrobabe in Not About Food

Bad experience art Sparrow

I haven't been to Sparrow, but it was on my list. Having said that, I am very hesitant now because of your experience. The service industry is a tough one, but really we could learn a lot from our American neighbours. Waiters, barmaids, restaurant owners all go out of their way to make you happy, IMHO in Montreal, that is not the case. There is no way in H*LL that you should have been refused a reservation after stating your situation and never should you have to wait in line. Goodwill goes a long way, and this was not only bad business but insensitive. Not impressed.

Food allergies: When and how did you develop them?

when I was in my 20's, I bought some shrimp/scallops/lobster to make a coquille st jacques and while cleaning the shrimp, noticed my hands were red and swollen. Then some liquid got in my eyes and the membrane around my eyes started to droop. I flushed it out, thinking big deal and went on cooking. Well the coquille went down nicely and came back ugly. I was tested and yes allergic to shrimp and lobster, but I can eat crab. Just a suggestion, but the emergency room staff said it's a good idea to carry 2 Benedryl pills, you could end up helping someone who is having a first time attack. It could help them at least until they get to a hospital.

Sep 28, 2009
bistrobabe in Not About Food

Eggspectation and expectations?

Well so much for Eggspectations....2 emails later and no reply. I don't think they will get me back there.

Sep 28, 2009
bistrobabe in Not About Food

Looking for good bistro/resto/pub near King and Yonge

Coming from Montreal on Oct 16th for the weekend. We are staying downtown at King and Yonge, so anything that is in walking or a short cab ride distance would be great. If we have to go farther, we will make the effort if you think your recomendation is worth it. I am not looking for fine dining this time around, but would like some insight on some good resto's. I am big on ambiance, fun and good service, you know the kind of place where the staff makes your evening more memorable. We are 2 couples that are normally the life of the party, but are also foodies. Some suggestions that would work any night including Sunday would be much appreciated. Went to Jump and another Italian place (can't remember the name of the place, but it had another name previously) within walking distance last time I was there and loved both. Less cash available this time around. No Japanese/Indian. Merci beaucoup fellow CH's!!

The Perfect Grilled Cheese

and I thought I was being original...great name, though MaizeWich.

Sep 17, 2009
bistrobabe in Home Cooking

What's the best place for breakfast in Montreal

I really didn't need to know that you can get their poutine at that hour!!

The Perfect Grilled Cheese

sounds great... I wonder if you could do a GC with cornbread? would be a great compliment to the chili..

Sep 17, 2009
bistrobabe in Home Cooking

The Perfect Grilled Cheese

no one mentioned sides here...mine was always my mom's bread and butter pickles, but that might not cut it with my clan.

Sep 17, 2009
bistrobabe in Home Cooking

The Perfect Grilled Cheese

since this thread started I am threatening a GC only nite at home. I will try the Comte cheese, but have you ever tried a cave aged gruyere? it' s my cheese du jour, but being thrifty, I don't want to waste it in a GC if someone has already tried it and it's just so so....then again, how can you go wrong?

Sep 17, 2009
bistrobabe in Home Cooking

Where did you eat this week ?

I think so, it wasn't the traditional cut...this was a longer "shank" with less meat, normally I have/buy the fat shorter ones. Mais merci beaucoup for zee french leçon.