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3 days in Napa....10 year wedding anniversary

I would love some help with my itinerary in the napa husband and i are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and it is our first time to Napa. We are huge foodies but not necessarily French food lovers....or i should say we do not eat french food often. we prefer italian or fresh, local ingredient restaurants that combing flavors in an inventive way

so far we are thinking

-La toque (for the night of our anniversary)

-Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant (this was recommended to us but is not at all on my list of contenders...opinions?)

sunday brunch at either Brix or Ad Hoc

I really wanted to check out Terra, girl and the fig, and perhaps Cafe la Haye

I wasn't sure if i should do terra, ad hoc, or cyrus for dinner and have lunch at redd rather than at greystone

any help would be greatly appreciated!