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Working in Greenwich - Nearby lunch options for take-out/delivery

Hi, I've been working in Greenwich for a few months now and wanted to put out a feeler to make sure I wasn't overlooking any great lunch options. Below is a list of places that I've tried, with some very brief notes. (Note: I started listing spots for this post and then realized that some basic commentary might be useful, so apologies for how half-assed some of them are).

Any comments appreciated. Thanks

Deli / Diner:
- Corbo's - one of my favorites; great breakfast sandwiches
- Gville - good sandwiches, nice specials
- Alpen Pantry - vaguely european (maybe penn dutch, based on some of the options) place with solid sandwiches; bonus points for operating out of what appears to be some weird living room
- Castleview - underrated little deli in a residential neighborhood
- Garden Catering - best chicken nuggets i've ever had
- Chicken Joe's - (see garden catering)
- Firehouse - interesting combos on massive wedges; i feel like i need a shower after i take down one of their sandwiches
- Bruckner's - average sandwich place
- Olive Branch - overpriced generic deli
- Rye Ridge Deli - not cheap, but the only jewish deli around to my knowledge
- Joey B's Famous Chili - i've only had the chili here. it's beanless, and similar in style to garden catering or Pat's, but a bit too sweet for me
- Casa d'Italia - awesome toasty wedges
- Anthony's Deli - huge breakfast wedges

- Riko's - tavern-style pizza a la colony
- Planet Pizza
- Frank's - good pizza, bad experience; i probably won't go back
- Glenville
- Bella Nonna
- Sunrise - i remember trying this place as a little kid, but haven't been back yet; to my knowledge, it's still there
- Antonio's
- Sal's - great pizza, but not a trip we can make too often

- El Tio - underwhelming
- Coyote Flaco - underwhelming
- Los Gemelos - has ranged from excellent to disappointing; overall, my favorate PC mexican
- El Charrito - only had this once, but at least on par with gemelos
- Luis Lunch - i need to retry this place before i can confidently pass judgement
- Bartaco - not my thing

Latin / S American:
- Cafe Brazil
- Aqui Es Santa Fe - really nice colombian place; decent food, awesome people

Mediterranean / Middle Eastern:
- Eos - nice modern greek place
- Layla's - decent option; nice portions

- Leafline
- Chopt

- Burger Shakes & Fries - great in-person, but doesn't travel too well IMO
- Pat's Hubba Hubba - amazing, though you may want to clear your afternoon schedule

- Kneaded Bread - awesome donuts, decent sandwiches (though few options)

- Tengda - bleh :(
- Lobster Bin - bleh :(
- Abis - bleh :(
- Little Thai Kitchen - bleh :(

- Dinosaur
- Q - really nice spot
- Bobby Q's - i actually haven't tried this one yet, but will be soon

- Bagel Emporium - very good
- Lenny's - less good

- Whole Foods (PC)

Keto-friendly meals/restaurants in BK

Hi - being relatively new to the borough, I was curious if there are any restaurants that specialize in low carb dishes. If not, are there any less-obvious (i.e. not just meat) dishes that might suit my needs?

Thanks in advance

In search of (beanless) chili cheese fries

As a side note, Shopsin's also has awesome chili cheese fries and good poutine, though they also don't have quite the style I'm looking for either.

Now that donuts in NYC are starting to catch up to those in other cities, I think this might be turning into my next big quest.

Jan 02, 2014
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

In search of (beanless) chili cheese fries

Thanks for the rec. Not the best fries I've ever had, but decent.

Paul's 2nd ave hits some of the criteria (big deli-style steak fries, which I love), but the chili is mediocre at best. Gravy fries are better there.

I actually noticed the chili cheese fries at the Patriot look very similar to my picture, but I am borderline terrified of eating any food at that place.

There has to be a better option somewhere in NYC.

Jan 02, 2014
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

In search of (beanless) chili cheese fries

Has anyone seen anything in Manhattan that resembles the below? I've had a craving for some good chili cheese fries, but haven't found any that really hit the spot. I'm talking about spicy, greasy, beanless chili, sliced american cheese, and thick-cut french fries. Not particularly highbrow, but such a good combination.

I'm not sure where this style originated from regionally, so any other info would be much appreciated.

Dec 26, 2013
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

Upcoming SF Trip - Recommendations?

Great link--thanks very much. We actually have a very vibrant Peruvian food scene in NY (particularly in the outer boroughs and suburbs). Burmese and Yucatecan are definitely harder to find--any recs for these would be greatly appreciated.

Upcoming SF Trip - Recommendations?

Very interesting. I've always been fascinated with Sardinia, and agree that it's impossible to find Sardinian food in the U.S. My girlfriend will only eat a limited number of seafood dishes, so we'll have to check in and see what's on menu when we're in town, but I will absolutely try to make La Ciccia happen. Thanks!

Upcoming SF Trip - Recommendations?

Hi, All. I'm heading back to SF for a few days later this year and was curious if anything interesting has emerged since my last visit (2008 - summary below--I lost my login info, so had to change usernames).

Now that we in NYC have begun to close the gap in coffee and even Mexican/Asian food, I'm curious what else might be available in SF that may be unique.

Also, we won't be able to head out of the city, but I'm curious if there are any very-unique-to-SF, nicer dinner spots worth trying (last trip, I ate almost exclusively at counters and dives, but am dragging the gf along this time). Ditto any interesting brunch spots with good coffee.

I'm very into weird eats and will eat pretty much anything (though I admit I have trouble with fermented foods to which I haven't been exposed).

I remember everyone being very helpful last time, so thanks very much in advance. All input would be appreciated.

Good Iced Coffee - Between Penn Station and Union Square

I kinda enjoy Financier's drip coffee and espresso, but I really dislike their iced coffee.

Aug 12, 2012
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

Sarajevsko beer?

Has anyone come across this in the area? I'd love to score a six-pack if possible.

Jul 29, 2012
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

Caffetteria Soho - Where are they now?

Thanks for the info. I wonder what they did with that countertop. I bet it would look great in my studio.

Jan 13, 2012
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

Caffetteria Soho - Where are they now?

Hi- it's been about a year since Caffetteria Soho closed down, but I still haven't had a cup of coffee in Manhattan that rivaled them. Do you know where Bryan and Aaron are now? Back to SF, maybe?

I'm still holding out hope that something is in the works for NY.

Jan 13, 2012
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

cheap eats

Do people really prefer Mamoun's to Bereket? Mamoun's is one of my go-to spots, but I think Bereket is the best middle eastern takeout in NY.

187 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

Aug 18, 2011
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

Shopsin's still good?

His son's sliders are actually better. I'm not sure why you were unimpressed.

Jul 16, 2011
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

Kyoto Iced Coffee in Manhattan?

Hi - With Caffetteria SoHo (tragically) defunct, is there any place in Manhattan that makes a Kyoto iced coffee? It's really tough for me to get out to Williamsburg, and while standard cold-brewed is great, it doesn't compare.


Jul 04, 2011
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

Best iced coffee?

I can't believe they closed down!

May 01, 2011
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

Is Jamie Oliver Right or Wrong About Sugary Milk in Schools?

fantasyjoker: Fat and salt aren't the problem. You are completely incorrect.

May 01, 2011
Bone Thug n Hominy in Features

restaurants/diners/cool little places ....

Those suggestions are good, though (and I'm picking nits here) I prefer Lou Malnati's to Uno/Due. Also, Intelligentsia is one of the country's best coffee shops, and it's a 5-minute walk from the Hyatt.

I agree with Fox & Obel, though I'm surprised they cracked the nation's top ten. I don't think it's in the same league as Tartine or Sullivan St.

Alcohol on Planes - Checked Luggage

I don't think Narita is alone in this practice, but I could be wrong. I think it's commonly recommended to buy duty-free liquor at your penultimate stop for this reason.

Best iced coffee?

I'd been out of town since the summer, so I was glad to see that Caffetteria Soho was pretty busy when I stopped by a few weeks ago. Still the best iced coffee I've had so far.

Caffetteria Soho
147 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

Jan 01, 2011
Bone Thug n Hominy in Manhattan

Alcohol on Planes - Checked Luggage

Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I'm wondering about transporting unmarked alcohol bottles on domestic (U.S.) flights. I got some home-infused vodkas for xmas, and was hoping to bring it back home this week in a couple of mason jars or thermoses.

Barnaby's Pizza

I really liked Barnaby's, but thought Pat's was sub-par.

Intelligentsia Coffee By The Pound - Can Anyone Explain Its Prices?

I would also argue that the perceptible difference between two types of coffee will vary with preparation method used.

Throw single-origin Intelligentsia into a Mr. Coffee and it will, by and large, not taste much better than a blend from Trader Joe's*. If you run both through a Clover machine (speculation, as I've never had Clover-brewed TJ coffee) or pour-over device, then the nuances will really come out.

*A great low-budget alternative, if you ask me.

Intelligentsia Coffee By The Pound - Can Anyone Explain Its Prices?

Is a Shelby Cobra 100x better of a car than a BMW 3-series?

To make this more relevant, I'm sure the ~$30 Intelly is not twice as good as the ~$15 Intelly. If that's the answer you're looking for.

Intelligentsia Coffee By The Pound - Can Anyone Explain Its Prices?

Very on-point, ferret.

I'm not much of a snob (in that I am perfectly content with DD or McD in the absence of really good coffee), but fresh Intelligentsia beans are substantially better tasting than most of what you'd get at a chain store like Whole Foods.

Surviving the loop without a car

I had the shoyu ramen & gyoza at Macy's.

The ramen was surprisingly good. It wasn't mind-blowing, but certainly tasty. The noodles were not overcooked (which I was somewhat worried about), and the flavor was great after I added chili oil and togarashi.

The gyoza tasted like it had been sitting under a heating lamp, though.

I look forward to trying the fried rice, which looked like pretty solid Japanese cha han.

Cold-drop/ice-drip coffee maker

I *think* ferret is right. But I still can't figure out how Blue Bottle gets their Kyoto tasting so much better than any cold-brewed coffee I've ever had.

Nov 09, 2010
Bone Thug n Hominy in Cookware

Surviving the loop without a car

That sounds great.. If the famous NYC delis have a weakness, it's the rye bread--which is (unfairly, IMO) treated as more of a vessel for the meat than anything else.

Need terrific liquor store near Mich Avenue

Binny's is great, though I can't comment specifically on their high-end liquors. As a grad student, my liquor tends to be of the "malt" variety and my wine tends to be of the "fortified" variety.

However, based upon their very solid selections of mid-range liquor and high-end beer, I'd posit that it's at least decent.

Their prices are truly terrific, as well.

Surviving the loop without a car

Hmm.. Noodles @ Macy's might have to be my next loop lunch. I had a no-frills, but surprisingly tasty bowl of udon in the pedway, of all places. But I'd love to have something a tad more authentic.