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Station Tavern in South Park - Soft Opening

The last two times I went the service was beyond bad. And this was after quite a few great visits.

We usualkly go just the two of us & the dog but the last two times we went we brought guests to try it out (isn't that always the way? you talk a place up & when you get people to go there something goes wrong).

Last visit we had 4 adults & 2 kids- went in right at openeing & there was only one other couple there- still it took 15 minutes for menus & another 20 for drinks. Then the server walked away & didn;t take our order so after waiting 15 minutes had to walk up to her (because she would not make eye contact when she walked by). So now we are almost an hour in and our orders are not even placed (and by now the place has filled up)

Finally place food orders and it took another 30 minutes for the food to start coming out but only 1/2 the orders and NONE of the kids meals (kids were now hot cranky & hungry and had rocks in their shoes from the playground) . It took another 10 minutes for the rest of the food & the kids meals to come out- and guess what all COLD.

At this point we just wanted to eat & get out of there. Anyone who is around kids knows a lunch now going on 2 hours is a baaaaad thing. The server just kept walking by & not making eye contact with her tables. after a busser came round & took all our plates & drinkis theer was another 25 minutes of waiting for the bill. At this point we wanted the heck out of dodge & I grabbed a floor manager to give it to someone who looked manager-ish. I very nicley said "could give this to you? it took us 2.5 hours to get lunch served & we really need to get the kids home for naps) . No aplologies, but we did get the bill back ASAP.

I think the "seat yourself" method may not be working too well for them, As they get busier it seems like the servers can't keep up. I gave them a pass the first time. but after a second awful service experience I am gun shy to give them a 3rd try.

Jul 10, 2010
modfood in San Diego

Where can one get grass-fed beef?

We just had the grass fed ground beef from Da-Le Ranch & it was fantastic. We got their "family pack" with 25 lbs of beef/chicken/pork/lamb abd have been very happy with all of it. Dave is super nice & will source just about anything you want/need (if he dosen't raise it himself) They're also at the Adams Ave farmers market on Wednesday & the little Italy Mercado

Jul 09, 2010
modfood in San Diego

Soho (North Park)

To get things back on track :) Tried Soho tonigt & was VERY happy. Both entrees were excellent & service was good. Yes Vesuvio was a funky space, but I think they have made the best of it. The second you walk in you forget that the noise of El Cajon Blvd is outside the door. We actually went based on a rave review from the people running Park 2 Park shuttle (who now have a stop there BTW)

Jul 03, 2010
modfood in San Diego

Best Farmer's Market in San Diego?

I really like the North Park Farmers market on Thursday evenings on the corner of 32nd & University (CVS parking lot)

I find many of the same vendors as Hillcrest but a little more shopable & less packed with people.

Mar 03, 2010
modfood in San Diego

San Diego New Places Opening

Some additional for North Park all set to open in the next couple months (thanks to North Park Scene & SDurban blog for the info):

-Urbn PIzza in the old Drowsy magguies space on University
-owners of Arrivederci opening IL Postino in the La Boheme building on 30th- looks ready to go so should be any day now...
- Smoking Goat French restaurant in the old Commonwealth Cafe Space
- Fish Market next door to Smoking Goat

And another in the works...
-The old payless shoes on University closed & will be a Thai place and an expansion of North park Sushi next door.
-Looks like True North leased he drapery place next door & are opening some type of brewery restaurant.

Dec 28, 2009
modfood in San Diego

SD: Linkery owner opening new restaurant.

Cool & sad all at the same time.... The owners of Apertivo have been telling everyone in the neighborhood that the landlord wanted to double the rent & that's why they closed- I can't help but wonder if it was because Linkery offered the landlord a better deal?

Nov 04, 2009
modfood in San Diego

Foods you love at Trader Joe's that got discontinued? [OLD]

I am still mouring the Mojito Simmer sauce. It was incredible in he crockpot with pork loin & the cuban black beans on the side. I was sure they had gotten rid of the rosemary ham in the deli section, but it reappeared in new packaging a couple months ago.

Also their frozem white & brown rice in the frozen section is hit & miss. I am not sure if it's just really popular or they are phasing it out...

Nov 03, 2009
modfood in Chains

Best/Worst products - Fresh & Easy

I agree with the Primativo wine & also the Oggio red- both really good quality for under $5.99! Also if you buy 6 bottles of any wine you'll get a 10% discount.

The gourmet mac & cheese in the frozen section is really good- we doctor it with a couple dices slices of proscuitto-

There was a lemon saffron cous cous that I adored but i think it was a casualty of the recent store product changes :(

An odd one I like is the coconut flavored drinking water- I use it when I make rice & it gives it a wonderful hint of flavor.

Their 50% whole wheat/50% semolina spagetti is one of the best I've had- all the nutrition and none of the guminess.

Oct 29, 2009
modfood in Chains

Paso Robles Thanksgiving [moved from San Francisco board]

McFees in templeton is anoher great choice (not sure of what they have in store for Thanksgiving) One of my favorite places & has an amazing house wine from Chateau Margene

Oct 29, 2009
modfood in California

San Diego Closed restaurants from the Down Economy

Just got an e-mail from the owners of Appertivo in North Park that they are closing....... Very suprised I live axcross the street & they seemed to have a really steady stream of business. However we were worried about them because another location of Arrivederci is opening across the street & would really split the business.

Oct 23, 2009
modfood in San Diego

Mira Mesa Help New to Niegborhood

Also the New trader Joes (Mira Mesa Blvd @ the 15) is HUGE.The manager there said it's the largest in San Diego.

Sep 18, 2009
modfood in San Diego

Urban Solace is a class act

We live around the corner so we eat there often- we have hads several great meals and a couple so-so ones (New Years eve for one but pretty much that's a given ANYWHERE)

They are now doing the appetizers for popular True North next door & I think *maybeP they have spread themselves a little thin?

Also they took the Cherry Jones Soda Roasted Apple off the menu :(

Aug 27, 2009
modfood in San Diego

Carne Asada in SD for the grill?

LOVE Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad
Whenever we're camping at Carlsbad State beach we load up on carnre there! Also a great vegetable stand next door with tottillas etc.

Aug 27, 2009
modfood in San Diego