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We'll Take Manhattan

I loathe Sara Jessica Parker for making the Manhattan a chick drink. Now I get asked who the drink is for when I order it, like I'm getting it for a girl. No, it's for me, not a girl. How can a whiskey based drink be feminine?

Aug 28, 2009
TheLoneliestMonk in Features

Campari's Made from Bugs

they changed the coloring agent in campari so it is vegan now.

Aug 27, 2009
TheLoneliestMonk in Features


This is hands down my favorite drink. I especially love it as an example of how different proportions can make a COMPLETELY different drink, when compared to the Valentino, which is 1 part Campari, 2 parts sweet vermouth, 3 parts gin. While very different from the Negroni, it is very delicious, and a great way to stretch out your Campari stash when you have less expensive gin and vermouth.

Aug 27, 2009
TheLoneliestMonk in Recipes