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Good Summer Spots?

I'm not thinking food really, just some good summer spots to grab some ice cream, smoothies, slushies, things like that?

Btw, any place in Austin with homemade classic rootbeer floats?

Jun 02, 2010
williamgcash in Austin

Good, cheap takeout in North Austin

Just moving to North Austin, looking for some good takeout places for lunch and/or dinner when I'm just by myself and want to grab a bite without going fast food. Suggestions?

Aug 27, 2009
williamgcash in Austin

Where is the best fried catfish within 25 miles of Austin?

I used to think Mr. Catfish was a pretty decent place, although the only catfish I ever had there is the catfish strips...... I think the one on Rundberg closed down, but there is still one on Springdale I believe, on the Eastside right by Givens Park.

Aug 27, 2009
williamgcash in Austin