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ISO Senegalese grocery store

There is also Afroleck at
5164 Queen Mary near métro Snowdon.They really have everything; yeet,guejj, netetou etc...You can see most of the products they carry on their website:

Thoughts on Holder? Steak&Frites? Any other suggestions?

Thank you so much everyone for chiming in!

514eats: Thank you I will take a look at those restaurants. Anything that you recommend on the menu at Big in Japan?

lagatta: It doesn't have to be in the old port at all. As long as it is accessible by public transportation and has great food and fits a group;its perfect. I will also take a look at that BYOW thread. Thank you!

Thoughts on Holder? Steak&Frites? Any other suggestions?

Hi, I know this topic has been done to death but I am celebrating my 30th birthday soon and would appreciate your help in choosing a restaurant. Would love suggestions for a place for approx. 15 people, good food without being too pricey...(any cuisine, $20-$30-ish for the main dish would be great) and festive/unpretentious atmosphere. Any recommendations? Thoughts on Holder or Steak& Frites St Antoine?(these were suggested in many old posts similar to mine)
Thanks so much for your help!

best roti and jerk chicken?

Yes, it has been a hidden gem in Montreal for awhile. The owner used to cater from Little Burgundy and opened his own restaurant last summer . I recommend the curry goat as well.

Visiting from Montreal this weekend, please help with recommendations.

Hi, when searching for more information on Drupatis, I found two locations; one in Scarborough and the other in Etobicoke. Are they the same, and if they are the same restaurant but at different locations, which one would be closer to Mississauga? Thanks again!

Visiting from Montreal this weekend, please help with recommendations.

Thank you everyone, We will definitely check out most of these well as the Island Soul Festival!

Visiting from Montreal this weekend, please help with recommendations.

Hello everyone, my friends and I will be visiting Toronto this weekend...and would love recommendations for great eats that are within the $20/a meal budget. We will be staying near the airport...but will be around downtown Toronto a lot, especially to enjoy the Caribana festivities.
I particularly love Soul food... do any restaurants serve huge plates of chicken and waffles? I also love a great brunch, great desserts and anywhere that serves some tasty chicken. If any one also has great recommendations for Caribbean or African food, it would be great!
Thank you!

Portuguese Festival

This sounds YUMMY!, do you happen to know when the next one is please?

Where can I buy reasonably priced, delicious Portugese custard tarts

Supermarche PA has Natas on sale this week at 6 for 5$ . I would also call Patisserie Notre-Dame Du Rosaire (227 Rue Rachel E :514-843-6668)

Restaurant Openings in 2011

A new Portuguese-style chicken place is opening on the corner of Bishop and de Maisonneuve; where Delices Mont Blanc used to be (2005 Rue Bishop)... It was papered up last weekend, but walked by yesterday and they had a note on the door saying "OPENING SOON"!

ISO mint julep mix

There is also a mint syrup made by Teisseire and another one made by Williams that are available at supermarkets like Supermarche PA and IGA ($8). If you are lucky sometimes you can get a better deal at La Vieille Europe (3855 St-Laurent Montreal, H2W 1X9)


Picked up a meal at Romados last night. While I miss Maria ...all you have to do when you get to the counter is ask them for more. I always ask for more sauce and more fries lol!

I also noticed that the "spicy sauce" was a little thicker this time, more of a sauce than an oil and a little spicier than before (or maybe they had been giving me the non-spicy sauce all this time?!) . Still my favorite chicken place in the city !

Inexpensive date ideas

Sounds Delicious Cherylmtl! With all of these suggestions I think we are set for the entire summer season! Thanks to all!

Inexpensive date ideas

Thank you wilmagrace!

Inexpensive date ideas

Thank you blondee_47! wanted to check out Kazu today, but as always the line was out the door. We will definitely try Imadake next time.

1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA

Inexpensive date ideas

Thank you Leyb!

Inexpensive date ideas

Just my type of plan! Thank you Maximilien!

Inexpensive date ideas

Thanks for the suggestions Kpaxonite!
I'll look for places that offer 20 dollar full course lunch meals. Any favorites?

Inexpensive date ideas

Thanks EasterBob!

Inexpensive date ideas

Thank you Kpzoo! All that sounds wonderful!

Inexpensive date ideas

Thank you OliverB. Ive edited my original post to include our budget, which would be ~ $20 per person.

With us it's much more about the food than the atmosphere, but if we can get both at that price we would be more than pleased! We usually go to 3 Amigos because we live a block from the downtown location and when looking for something fun and relaxed its perfect. We just don't know many places with better or even a romantic atmosphere that also serves fantastic food.

I agree that Romados on its own is not a date destination, but if you pick it up to go and eat at a parc nearby, then it can turn into a very enjoyable date :)

3 Amigos
1657 Rue Sainte-Catherine W, Montreal, QC H3H1L9, CA

Inexpensive date ideas

My boyfriend and I love to go out and enjoy a good meal together as much as we enjoy a good deal. We are both college students and so our budgets are limited, but we are willing to try any kind of food! Any suggestions as we have run out of ideas and always seem to do the Fajita special at 3 amigos on Wednesdays :-( and as much as we adore Romados, I'm pretty sure there are other good eats in this wonderful city . Thank you :)

Edit: Budget : ~ $20 per person

Billybee Honey Roasted Peanuts

Does anyone know where I can purchase Billybee Honey Roasted peanuts in Montreal (preferably downtown)? I have had a craving for 2 weeks and can't seem to find them anywhere. Thank you!

Fun,Yummy,INEXPENSIVE restaurant for birthday party

Hi, I'm looking for a place to celebrate my birthday with about 15 people in their late 20's. I know there are many threads on here asking this exact same question, but most recommendations although they sound great are over many of the guests budget (we are all college students) - Any recommendations for inexpensive restaurants (main dishes in the 20 $ price range) downtown or in the plateau that serve great food, and where we can have fun would be greatly appreciated. (Have had a great time at Jano restaurant before,looking for places like that) Thank you! !


I live in the building right next to QING HUA DUMPLING 's new location ....and I check every day to see if they are open. Today I saw them sticking yellow stickers on their windows and it looked like a phone company was installing their phone line !!! :)

French Tarts in Montreal - Worth Looking For?

French tarts are my favorite dessert! Ive lived in Paris and although nothing in Montreal compares, the tarts at La Patisserie Belge (expecially the strawberry and apple) have been able to satisfy my cravings- when they run out, I usually head over to la Pâtisserie Duc de Lorraine.

cant seem to find a place that sells great flan though :(