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tasting dinner with wine for one

will be in MTL on a Friday, staying over from a business trip to see the Habs play on a Saturday night. Looking for a place where I can enjoy a leisurely tasting menu, preferably with wine pairings. Don't want to be pushed off to a crummy table in the back because I am on my own. This will be my night's entertainment after a long day of meetings. Prefer French or French-inspired. On previous visits, have enjoyed Toque (old location), Nuances, Chez la Mere Michel, Bonaparte, Caprices des Nicolas (since closed). Willing to try anywhere. Any reccos? Can push the boat out as it's an expense account.

Oct 11, 2013
TeeZee in Quebec (inc. Montreal)


How a bout a real biergarten? The Deutscher Club in Clark NJ has public biergarten nights and a good Oktoberfest as well. Always three or four beers on tap.

Aug 06, 2012
TeeZee in New Jersey

Lunch in Lambertville for group of 10

thanks for the tip! will give them a call, no email listed .

Jul 25, 2012
TeeZee in New Jersey

Lunch in Lambertville for group of 10

thanks HeatherB

Jul 25, 2012
TeeZee in New Jersey

Lunch in Lambertville for group of 10

Looking for a place on Sunday afternoon in late September for about 10-12 members of a BMW roadster club. Interested in good quality food- but easy- sandwiches, salads and the like . Anyone have a recommendation for a place. I like Inn of the Hawke but the service can be slow and with 10+ people I'm sure it would be even slower. Thanks!

Jul 23, 2012
TeeZee in New Jersey

Dependable French for Friends' First Visit

I am planning on taking two friends of ours to Montréal for a weekend. We’ve been to dinner many times with them and they expressed a desire to try the “French” cuisine there. They’ve never been and are looking forward to it. We’ve been to Montréal about 8-10 times, more for attending Habs games than dining out but some places we’ve been to are Toque, Chez la Mere Michel, Caprices de Nicolas, les Chents, Lutetia (in Hotel de la Montagne) and Nuances at the casino.

I’ve searched and read enough responses on this board debating whether Montreal does “classic French” but I’m going to try to choose some places for our mid-September weekend.

They like professional service, nothing too experimental or “foodie”. They’re older (in their seventies, 20 years older than us). So nothing too boisterous for atmosphere or too cutting edge on the menu- no foams, things in a can, concepts that need 20 minutes to explain, etc.

I have some ideas from reading this board for the last few days and was wondering if anyone could chime in with their reactions. I’m always amazed at the number of places people here know intimately and appreciate any feedback. Our budget is around $250-300 with wine per dinner for four.

I’ve crossed out Au Pied de Cochon and Toque as places my wife probably would not like based on what I can see on the menu (APC) or does not want to revisit (Toque, we went back when it was in the old location and though I really enjoyed our meal there, it wasn’t her cup of tea, mostly because they wouldn’t allow only 3 out of our party of 4 to enjoy the tasting menu, despite our request and that didn’t go down too well with her).

These might seem a little stodgy to the more up-to-date regulars but here goes:

Staying at the Novotel downtown

Friday night:
Pre-dinner drinks at the St. James hotel (thanks to a recommendation here) and then walk over to Bonaparte and if the weather is nice a caleche drive around le Vieux afterwards (touristy I know). Have seen mixed reviews on Bonaparte but if it is dependable I think it should work from what I can gather about menu and ambience. I’ve never been there.

Saturday lunch:
Take metro to Jean Talon, and head to Petit Alep afterwards for lunch. Our friends are Armenian and I am anxious to try this with them guiding us through the menu. Selecting this place based on recommendations on this board.

Saturday dinner:
Wife is suggesting to go back to Chez la Mere Michel (anyone been recently?), but also considering Le Mas des Oliviers or L’Autre Saison, all close to our hotel.

Sunday lunch:
Thinking about La Montee or Laloux. Looking to poke our heads into a gallery or two after lunch before we have to get back in the car and head back to New York City.

Trying to find places that would present the expected selections- a sole meuniere, rack of lamb, a filet with béarnaise or mushroom sauces, perhaps some nice veal dishes, wife has a weakness for Grand Marnier soufflé, that kind of thing. Any help appreciated if you know other places better than what I have come up with.

Aug 27, 2009
TeeZee in Quebec (inc. Montreal)