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Where to Buy Fresh Turkey Stock?

Does anyone have any tips on where I can buy fresh turkey stock? (I know, I know, I should make my own...) I'm in DC, would travel to NoVa or nearby MD. Thanks for any leads.

Portland Saturday Dinner Help - Hugo's Alternative?

We are coming up from Baltimore on Saturday to meet some friends for dinner. We have reservations at Hugo's, but I'm concerned it's a bit stuffier than I was looking for - is that a fair read? I think we'd prefer a relatively lively dining room.

Can anyone suggest any alternatives? We are totally flexible on cuisine, and flexible within reason on price and time. Thanks in advance for any help.

Nov 17, 2011
919jab in Northern New England

Suggestions for Portland Dining Gift?

Hi All - I'd like to get a restaurant gift certificate for two friends who live in Portland and just got married. Would be great if $150 could cover at least the food and a drink or two.

Type of food doesn't matter - just looking for someplace cool or exciting with good food. A nice date night for the newlyweds... I've never been to Portland and am at a total loss.

Appreciate any and all suggestions!